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  1. Good Morning  Cal,

    I was looking at my favorite political blog this morning and a heart shaped Ukrainian flag caught my attention. 

    Of course I am referring to the bumper sticker which you posted. 

    One of the statements you posted,  ” Here’s evidence of that from someone with close connections with the Ukraine” raised an eyebrows.

    My grandfather on my mom’s side was Ukrainian and, while he never taught his grandchildren the language,  he tried to keep the fiercly independent Ukrainian culture alive within us.

    Russia,  expecially under the Soviet system, considers Ukraine to be just another territory of it’s vast land mass.

    The name Ukraine has a connotation which can mean, “The Edge.”

    My understanding is that it refers to Ukraine’s position between easter and western Europe.

    The Soviets used “The Ukraine” as an insult in a similar fashion to people who refer to Israel and “Palestine” which is a controversy in itself.

    Long ago, when Rome ruled much of the world, the Romans invented the name Palestine, which sounds similar to Philistine  (as in Goliath) as a passive aggressive, poke-in-the-eye to the Jewish people.

    The media and anti-Semites around the world continue to insult the Jews with use of the name.

    While the use of “The Ukraine” does not rise to the level of cultural insensitivities which people are up-in-arms about on a regular basis here in America,  there are people who are closer to their Ukrainian heritage than I  who would give a reporter more than an earful for not referring to the nation as simply, Ukraine.

    Here’s another blog article, this one gives it’s own take on the infamous “The.”

    I hope this is the most controversy you have to deal with today. Stay warm.

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