Open Slots in County Government

from the McHenry County Board:

County Board Appointments

Current Open Appointments:

  • McHenry County Agricultural Conservation Easement and Farmland Protection Commission
  • McHenry County Senior Services Grant Commission (5 open positions)
  • McHenry County Housing Authority Board (2 open positions)
  • McHenry County Historic Preservation Commission
  • McHenry County Tuberculosis Board
  • Hebron Drainage District No. 1
  • McHenry County Zoning Board of Appeals (2 open positions)

Please visit the County Board Appointments webpage for information about available appointment positions:

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Some, like the Senor Services Grant Commission, distribute big bucks.

Members of the Zoning Board of Appeals are paid $110 for each meeting day.


Open Slots in County Government — 5 Comments

  1. Cal, you’d be a perfect appointment for SSGC, big $$$$$ handling big $$$$$. 🙂

  2. I think this story falls under the “too many governments” heading.

    A Tuberculosis Board?


    They must be doing a GREAT job, because I haven’t read about a case of tuberculosis around here in years.

    Hell, we should create a Cancer Board, an AIDS board, and even a Common Cold Board. If boards are that effective, we could wipe out disease in McHenry County!

    The big problem is that boards tend to be dominated by people who have a vested interest, emotional or financial, in the subject.

    A prime example is MCCD, which is stocked with people who think it is their job to protect and expand the bureaucracy — as opposed to taxpayer watchdogs deciding if we have enough parks and if the bureaucracy is doing a good job.

    Don’t get me wrong — some of the boards are probably beneficial.

    But some of them could just as easily be replaced by a button and the button lost, and the rest need to have their members replaced with taxpayer watchdogs.

  3. Guess I’m old enough, too, but I’d bet the County Board doesn’t discriminate on the basis of age.

  4. Old people rule, kind of a shame younger people don’t get involved sooner in life.

  5. Steve Wilson, you obviously didn’t read Cal’s post on the recent extensively drug resistant TB case right here in good ‘Ol McHenry County.

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