County Board Set to Ask to Tax Internet Sales

The new McHenry County Board is composed of all Republicans.

The new McHenry County Board is composed of all Republicans. Nick Provenzano is not in the photo and Jeff Thorsen has replaced Ken Koehler.

Tucked all the way at the bottom of the McHenry County Board’s Legislative Priorities is the following:

4) Support County Authority to Collect Existing Sales Tax

McHenry County supports legislation to permit the collection of existing sales and use taxes from remote sellers.

The issue of taxing remote sales has compounded in recent years due to the extraordinary development of the Internet as a retail marketplace.

As a result, state and local governments have lost billions in uncollected sales taxes and Main Street businesses find themselves at a significant competitive disadvantage to various online sellers.

The same sales tax rules should apply to Internet and mail order sales.

Since no tax is collected on most internet sales now, the title of the paragraph (“Support County Authority to Collect Existing Sales Tax”) is flat out false.

Rest assured that the roll call on this request to hike sales taxes will be published on McHenry County Blog.


County Board Set to Ask to Tax Internet Sales — 22 Comments

  1. Where do these people think they are at – Crook County ?

    Keep those tax schemes rolling and watch more moving trucks rolling, right out of McHenry County and Illinois as the already overtaxed citizens continue to flee.

    Will these fools NEVER learn?

  2. No new taxes for anything!

    Abolish bike paths!

    Cut your expenses and the levy!

  3. My craftsperson from Montana on Etsy never got to vote on taxes in McHenry County. That’s called taxation without representation and we fought a war over it.

  4. When are you spooks going to get it?

    You cannot get blood out of a turnip.

    There is nothing left!

    We can’t afford the taxes now!

    You need to cut and tighten if you cannot afford.

  5. Also, buried in the ZBA portion of the agenda is the revised sign ordinance!

    Any lawyers (or lawyer wanna bees) out there who can read it and advise if it still makes four feet by four feet or larger politicial signs illegal?

    In the interests of NOT being transparent, did the Board chair and the County manager bury this item in the ZBA portion of the agenda to GUARANTEE NO public input at the meeting prior to the vote?

  6. Here is a list of who sits on the Legislative committee:


    I have no idea how they voted on the Legislative agenda as submitted by this committee.

    Every voter needs to read the Agenda packet for this meeting relative to what is being supported in the Legislative Agenda.

    Page 363 through 366.

    It is quite telling as to politics of the above individuals.

    In addition the Board will be voting to support (or not) the elimination of Township elected Assessors.

    Before I go further, I remind you that supporters of the Sanguinetti proposals continually refer to how successful DuPage County consolidated one Fire District.

    Yes, they did – they replaced it with a Special Service Area which resulted in an increase in the property tax!!

    This County Board voted down a voter referendum for Township Consolidation.

    Now they want to meddle with Township law!!

    I want one example where long term costs were not increased due to larger units of government.

    In the Legislative agenda, the following statement is made:

    must be held harmless from a tax increase in the year after township consolidation”

    This is one of most misleading statements I have read in some time.

    What such legislation would do is potentially lower the Township tax rate for some townships consolidated for one year.


    It does nothing to stop phenomenal increases in salaries / benefits to employees.

    You may say how is that possible?

    Simple, instead of providing services or buying updated equipment, the Board could allocate the taxpayer dollars to salaries.

    Joe Tirio has stated he would work to eliminate the office of Recorder.

    That proposal is simple ‘common sense’.

    Elimination of the Recorder’s office does not require new legislation in Springfield and the County Board has oversight for the Budget of the County Clerk AND the SALARY of the County Clerk.

    Township consolidation is a whole different project.


    Supporters of consolidation will claim there is via who you elect to the office.

    When you consider that, also consider that the Supreme Court has approved lying is permitted when running for political office.

    One last comment, Provenzano works for Randy Hultgren.

    Provenzano chairs the Legislative committee.

    I wonder if there is any connection that support is shown for the highway construction projects which are supported by Randy Hultgren?

    Also, Provenzano shows a campaign finance debt of $15,586.53.

    Is he trolling for donations from Local 150?

  7. If Tiriio wants to eliminate the Recorder of Deeds office shouldn’t he run for county board.

    I’m just not seeing how he’ll be able to deliver on that promise.

  8. I was flying the other day and taxes were brought up during one of our conversations.

    I tried explaining that the sales taxes were different based on local taxing bodies, RTA tax, and the state tax and nobody out of state could understand.

    They said no matter where they go they pay a flat percentage.

    I said I understand as I was thoroughly confused when I moved here as well, but someone has to pay for all the corruption in this state.

    At least that got us past the tax confusion and on to how corrupt this state is.

  9. The Mrs.: From what I have read, Mr. Tirio has stated he will work ‘toward’ eliminating the office of Recorder.

    It will require a County wide referendum to eliminate that office.

    There my interpretation of his statement is that he will work on, or get someone to work on circulating a petition to have the question placed on the ballot.

  10. So local retailers have to deal with sales taxes, which means the item costs more, internet not so much.

    Cut the sales tax so the local retailers have a level paying field then, or cut property taxes and charge the same sale tax on all purchases.

    Level is good, NAFTA AND TPP, not so much.

  11. So Andrew Gasser and Chuck Wheeler, in 5 to 10 years when online commerce dominant how people buy their goods.

    Would you be willing to vote for an online sales tax then?

    Think about the number of sales this year that went to Amazon instead of the business down Rt 14…

  12. Simplify the sales tax code and maybe it would make sense.

    It would be almost impossible for small companies that sell nationally to stay in business if they were required to understand and file sales tax in every jurisdiction in the US.

  13. Thought Republicans wanted lower taxes.

    Ha ha ha.

    That’s a joke.

  14. So the tax would be based on the buyer location or the seller location?

    The tax would apply if the seller didn’t have a physical presence in the county?

  15. We have 24 members elected to the County Board, 17 of them and reduce taxes.

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