Algonquin Township Schedules Invitation Only Fundraiser

Because of where it is being held, the Algonquin Township Republican Central Committee is requiring those attending its next fundraiser to be invited.

Such invitations to the $35 Savour Art Gallery in Algonquin may be obtained by emailing Christina Myers at or calling 224-209-9638.

Guest Speakers will be WIND Talk Show Host Joe Walsh, judicial candidate Demetri Tsilimigras and State Senate candidate Dan McConchie.

The invitation is below:

The invitation for the Algonquin Township Republican Central Committee's January 28th fundraiser in Algonquin.

The invitation for the Algonquin Township Republican Central Committee’s January 28th fundraiser in Algonquin.

This is the note enclosed on the invitation by Algonquin Township Republican Party Chairman Chris Yaeger.

This is the note enclosed on the invitation by Algonquin Township Republican Party Chairman Chris Yaeger.

Alg Twp GOP invite 1-18-16 sponsors


Algonquin Township Schedules Invitation Only Fundraiser — 20 Comments

  1. This is an Art Gallery and the liquor license they hold requires invitation only.

    No walk in at the door.

    It will be a very nice event, so do reply.

  2. This is an invitation only event because it is being held at an art gallery and their liquor license requires it.

    There will be no walk in at the door.

    This will be a very nice event, so be sure to reply so that you are on the list.

  3. I was under the impression that the Algonquin Township Republicans, per the words of Chris Yaeger above, would “focus on growing the Party and helping Republican Candidates get elected in November”.

    Well, this is a Primary!

    Apparently this only applies to some candidates, as there are two other Republicans running for the office of State Senator, those being Casey Urlacher (if he survives challenge to his Petition) and Martin McLaughlin.

    Heck of a way to encourage people to run for office when the choices have already been made in advance at the Primary level.

    Seems some aren’t getting the message that the doors should be wide open, rather than open for those chosen by the embedded politicians.

    That’s why Trump is leading the parade, most of us don’t want business as usual.

  4. Jonathan – your message implies that no political events with speakers can be held during the primary.

    Furthermore, neither Chris Yaeger nor I hold political office or have plans to run for office.

    We are certainly not “embedded politicians.”

    The fact that there are speakers at the event, does not constitute an endorsement of those speakers.

    Invitations were sent to Casey Urlacher and Martin McLaughlin.

    As stated above, the invitation only was stated to follow the liquor license law for the establishment.

    If you have any other problems, you can always call one of us.

  5. Christina, I am only suggesting that, rather than having one Candidate appear on the invitation (McConchie, why not all three?

    If they were invited and accepted, would their names also have appeared on the invitation?

    The impression I received from reading this was that the event was exclusionary as to the headliners.

    I understand the “invitation only” aspect for the venue.

    I am not attempting to qualify any of the candidates, just would like to see all in the Primary be included at GOP Party sponsored events.

    Anyone should be free to endorse, but if the Party is to grow and prosper the doors have to be open to all at events like this.

    Thank you and Chris for your participation – I know both of you to be persons of character, and I apologize if my words were misstated to suggest otherwise.

  6. Jonathan – this is a twp fundraiser.

    There will be many, many candidates attending.

    They cannot all be the guest speakers.

    Having been in a position to ask for speakers, I know that it is sometimes difficult as they have conflicts and you have to narrow down to a couple.

    People have a low tolerance for a lot of speakers.

  7. Just what we need another professional lobbyist turned State Senator.

    I encourage voters who read this blog to take a look at the other candidates, especially Marty McLaughlin whose record of cost reduction and reform of Village government as President of Barrington Hills in 2 1/2 years is simply unmatched.

    He has rid VBH of the corruption, mismanagement and waste which has plagued VBH for many years under prior administration.

    I was not initially a supporter of Marty when he ran for VBH President, but he has made a believer out of me.

    He is a pension expert who possesses classic Irish charm, common sense and extraordinary intelligence who got into this race at the personal request of former IL State Senator Dan Duffy.

    Maybe “Walsh Freedom” would be willing to host a debate for the the 3 candidates running for Duffy’s seat.

  8. What has Roskam ever done for the people of McHenry county other than for the politicians who ensure he keeps his job?

    Roskam and his special interest money… Smh.

  9. Great point David. Maybe Walsh Freedom should hold a McH Co Debate for all the candidates running for offices that are opposed.

    Now that would be a great service he could do for his many supporters in McH Co!!

  10. so old time politics…

    yes as a township chair you hold a political office…

    purposely neglecting some obvious candidates….

    inviting and featuring dems runnning as republicans…

    what a joke.

  11. Christina: Christopher Yaeger is Committeeman for McHenry County, Algonquin Township, District 1.

    He was elected to that office.

    It is a political office.

  12. Yes – I guess you are right that Precinct Committeemen and Township Chair are political offices.

    However, as you know, they are volunteer positions.

    Certainly not embedded politicians in the true sense of the phrase.

    Chris Yaeger has been Township Chair since September of last year.

    In that time, the township has been very active and very inclusive.

    Everyone was been invited to the debate watches, the Township Wars event, and the precinct walks that we did.

    Most people were grateful that we hosted these events.

    As for the Red Carpet Event, the intent was NOT to exclude people.

    We had to generate on our own invite list from scratch.

    For the many people who have had to do the same, they know it is not an easy task.

    If someone was left off the list, it was unintentional.

    I had hoped to not have to make this public for his sake, but there is ONE EXCEPTION to that statement.

    One person is excluded from this event because he came to a prior event and purposely tried to ruin the event by contacting the owners before the event and representing that he was in charge, changing the menu plans with that owner, putting up his signs at the event (even though it was prohibited), ordering others to take his opposing candidates’ literature off tables, and bad mouthing us to everyone at the event because we did not pay for food for the attendees.

    Because, and only because of that behavior, this is the ONLY person not invited to the Red Carpet event.

    I won’t name this person.

    He knows that he is not invited and knows why.

    No organization should allow a candidate to sabotage an event in this manner.

    Because of his disrespectful behavior towards the Party and his failure to even recognize how inappropriate and wrong this behavior was, we cannot allow him to repeat this behavior at this Fundraiser.

    We owe that to the people who will be paying good money to attend the event.

    ALL REPUBLICANS other than this person, are free to call me or email me to RSVP if they did not receive an invitation.

    We want as many people as possible to attend.

    I do need to have your name on a list because of the liquor license that the venue holds, however.

    As Republicans, we need to be supporting other Republicans.

    This is understandably difficult in a primary when were are personally supporting different candidates.

    Let’s try to do so respectfully.

    Thank you so much to all the people who have been supportive in our efforts to grow the Party in Algonquin Township.

    We have had a lot of good feedback about all our events.

    We will continue to work hard to grow the party and support Republican candidates.

    Again – please contact me if you are a Republican who has not received an invitation by mail, email, or on Facebook.

    Christina Myers

  13. Having hoped to not make this public then making it public to your one “EXCEPTION”, Then publicly discharging that individual from this event sounds discriminatory to me.

    Especially because I know the things you said this unnamed person did at your prior event, all of which are not true.

    All five of the statements you made about this unnamed individual are false.

    I was there.

    Sounds like a little railroading going on here.

    Politics as usual in McHenry County?

    I even asked that you remove these false statements from your post in a text, giving you the opportunity to correct these statements and you have not done so.

    I feel it is my duty as an integral member of the Republican Party to set the record straight.

    Fred Falbo

  14. You are entitled to your opinion Fred.

    It was an Algonquin Township event and everything I said above happened.

    It was not a Paul Serwatka event.

    After talking with you, the only thing that was perhaps in question was whether or not he had permission to put up his sign at our event.

    He did not have permission from the host of the event – Algonquin Township Republicans.

    Whether or not he had your permission is irrelevant.

    I know you are a big supporter of Paul Serwatka’s so I can understand why you are upset.

    However, actions have consequences.

    This isn’t personal.

    You need to ask yourself why every other Republican is invited.

    The guest list includes many people who I don’t support politically.

    There will be a wide range of Republican candidates there.

    As I mentioned to you on our phone call, I have an obligation to those who will be attending the event to make sure that it is a success.

    I cannot babysit your candidate all night.

    If Paul Serwatka would like to have a fundraiser or an event of his own, perhaps he should host one.

    This isn’t a debate.

    I am done with this issue.

    Christina Myers

  15. I should note – that the guest list includes people that I don’t PERSONALLY politically support.

  16. David Stieper – First of all its “current” senator Dan Duffy – he’s still the senator.

    Secondly – he NEVER supported Marty and for sure never personally asked him to run – but you know that – you’re just trying to post inaccurate information.

    Let’s stick to the facts and not make things up.

  17. Hey David Steiper – I see you are up to your old tricks.

    Looking forward to seeing you again Thursday.

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