Steve Reick on the GOP Ballot, Will Face Jack Franks Supporter Jeff Lichte

Steve Reick

Steve Reick

The Illinois State Board of Elections has decided that Republican Steve Reick has enough signatures to be on the ballot in the March 15th Republican Primary Election.

He was challenged by Carpenters Union Business Agent, Ronald Eck.

Reick will face Jeff Lichte, someone who consistently has voted Democrat and is an obvious supporter of Democratic Party State Rep. Jack Franks.

Look at the yard signs on his front yard and those of his neighbors during the last General Election, when Google’s cameras were in his neighborhood taking photos.

Voting history of Jeff Lichte.

Voting history of Jeff Lichte.

The vote on the Illinois State Board of Elections was 6-2.

The two who voted to keep Reick off the ballot were, of course, Democrats:

You will not be surprised to learn that they both live in Chicago.

Election petition challenges are filed for two basic reasons:

  • to eat up the challenged candidates’s financial resources
  • to delay the the start of the challenged candidate’s campaign

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Steve Reick on the GOP Ballot, Will Face Jack Franks Supporter Jeff Lichte — 12 Comments

  1. Congrats Steve and to Dist 63!

    Now the work begins to make sure Steve gets the support and votes needed to take Jack and the Madigan machine out.

    Lets get the word out and make the change we need!

  2. Go Steve Go!

    Conservative McHenry County needs to be represented in Springfield!

    Not ignored and swept aside by Franks and the Madigan cronies!

    We are here as concerned citizens to get out the vote!

    Good luck!

  3. Since Lichte doesn’t have a campaign website yet, he probably never will have a campaign website or campaign.

    It seems he was only there to be the Republican choice on the ballot if Reick was kicked off the ballot.

    Now Reick can explain the play to voters to show what lengths Democrats took to prevent him from facing Franks.

    Probably help get some independent voters when he faces Franks in the fall.

  4. Franks is still playing Dirty pool!

    Steve, finally all your hard work has paid off, and you’ve cleared the hurdles others have thrown in front of you!

    I couldn’t be happier!

    Let us know when you have signs!

  5. I will definitely vote for Steve Reick, but hope that getting Franks out helps McHenry county.

    I would love to cap property taxes at 2%!

    Chicago isn’t close to that locally so with enough push maybe we’d have a chance!

  6. I would be interested to know who Steve Reick will be voting for in the Mchenry County elections.

    I, like many do not know enough about the various candidates that are running.

    I would appreciate some guidance.

  7. Since Reick has the support of both factions of the Republican Party, it would be foolish for him to alienate one side by offering guidance.

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