Pioneer Center Request from 708 Board — 3 Comments

  1. The day residents of the U.S.A. decided that government should be in charge of ALL SOCIAL SERVICES while watching a slow death of Service Clubs and Churches which used to function as separate entities not controlled by the federal and state governments, is the day our Republic started its decline.

  2. CV: you are pining for good old days that never existed.

    Service clubs barely serviced any indigent mental health citizens.

    Nora, for that matter, did any public health services.

    The truth of our history is that most people with mental health issues were either untreated, or unceremoniously dumped into state run long-term mental health facilities.

    I have never had the need to get adult psychiatric care.

    I’ve certainly never had the need to get adult psychiatric care through the pioneer center.

    Nor has anyone in my family or anybody I know.

    But I still support that organization receiving my tax dollars to provide those services.


    Because I like the security and the benefit I get from having that agency provide those services.

    There are 1500 adults in McHenry County with mental health issues who are soon going to have no psychiatric support at all.

    It will take only one of them going into a crowded public place in shooting it up before news outlets and news commentators start becoming apoplectic questioning how we could have gotten to a place where this could happen.

    In fact it’s a stupid question; we know exactly how we got to that place and it’s through elimination of preventative care in pursuit of slimming down government to more closely resemble our political beliefs.

    (aside: The mental health board is not making any effort to reduce the amount of funds spent on “mental health” they are simply reallocating it so that more of that money goes to private agencies who probably don’t need it, like large hospital corporations, instead of non-profit government agencies like pioneer center )

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