Franks Holding Another Chicago Fundraiser, But Madigan Not on Invitation This Time

State Rep. Jack Franks regularly holds high priced fundraisers in Chicago.

Usually, House Speaker Mike Madigan is the Honorary Chairman. You can see a 2013 invitation with Madigan’s name on it here.

Not this year.

But Franks continues to use Republican icon Abraham Lincoln.

Franks invite 2-15-16 top
There is more in the middle, but the bottom clearly indicates that this is a big ticket event:
Franks invite 2-15-16 bottom of bottom
Out of the price range of the average or even above average McHenry County resident.


Franks Holding Another Chicago Fundraiser, But Madigan Not on Invitation This Time — 11 Comments

  1. Jack might be from McHenry Co but he votes and cares about Cook Co as well as the Dem machine.

    After 9 terms I hope people realize we need to have LOCAL representation NOT this smoke show!

    We have the oportunity to make the change so get behind Steve Reick.

  2. Farmer, you are so right.

    Time for newer and better people to step up to the plate and continue leading the State of Illinois in a better direction.

  3. Always saw Ald Burke as a contributor to Nygren. What does that tell you???

  4. Perfect sense here Mr. Franks…

    Get money and support from people that you are not supposed to represent.

    You are supposed to represent the 63rd district, so in theory that’s where your campaigning and fundraising should occur. Wake up McHenry county!

    If we want true representation from our elected officials, we can’t have them running to Chicago for support.

    They should have the support of the people they represent!

    It’s time for representation.

    We need to get behind Steve Rieck, and reject the Madigan machine.

  5. I’ll schedule Orkin to go in.

    It’s best to spray when their most active.

  6. While we have many self serving politician’s, when you talk about this county, Jack has to be on the top of our list.

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