Will League Allow $40 Million Question?

Tonight will be the first of two candidates’ nights sponsored by the McHenry County League of Women Voters for County Board candidates.

Districts 3, 4 and 5 candidates will be on the McHenry County College stage starting at 7.

L of W V Co Bd Forumns 2016I shall submit a question asking whether candidates will vote to levy taxes for Valley Hi until the $40 million is gone.

As readers know, the County has $40 million in the bank, even though it pretty much breaks even on its $10-11 million budget.

I’d call it a “surplus.”

Overtaxation by previous County Boards.

There is now $41,341,736.59 in the Valley Hi fund.

This last year, by voice vote so every member would be protected, the County Board voted not to levy any taxes.

Taxpayers will save $3 million as a result.

Next year, the question will be whether to re-instate the $3 million levy for the following year or risk the possibility that the $40 million might decrease a bit.

The arguments in favor take the typical tax eater approach:

“We’ll lose it forever.”

The arguments against are that it will probably take decades to use up the $40 million in the bank.

At that time, if more tax revenue is desired, another referendum could be held.

In short, future (probably far future) votes could make the decision.

So, will the League of Women Voters question screeners allow such a question or not.


Will League Allow $40 Million Question? — 4 Comments

  1. They’d BETTER allow it!

    I plan on submitting it, And if they don’t include it, it just shows why the attendances for their forums are so low.

    There may even be some pushback as people know I am submitting the question.

    Politics is controversial-if you shy away from controversy you have no right to be involved in reporting political news or saying you inform voters.

    Get with it “League”. You’re sway has wained and for good reason!

    We are working on getting another local political group to hold forums in the future that will be worth going to.

  2. As important, is the question how incumbants on MCBOT could approve any prior year levy for Valley Hi given this obscene surplus on hand.

    Either they knew of the surplus and proceeded anyway or they failed to do any due diligence by reviewing the financial information of Valley Hi prior to casting his or her vote approving these annual levies.

    In other words, is it a case of “malfeasance” or “misfeasance” by these incumbant Board members when it came to casting a vote to levy at Valley Hi?

    In either case, these individuals are not fit to sit on MCBOT where each has fiduciary obligation to McHenry County taxpayers.

    I for one will not vote for any incumbant MCBOT out of District #1 and recommend all McHenry County voters do the same.

    Remember, #29 did not happen by chance but the result of these “Republican” MCBOT members.

  3. Of course you vote for another Dist #1 candidate and recommend no one else does, you’d be under cutting your own chances of winning if they did vote against you.

    Duh! 🙂

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