Fake Republican Opponent of Steve Reick Ducks Debate

Steve Reick

Steve Reick

Here’s what the McHenry County League of Women Voters member Karen Hutchings has to say about GOP State Rep. candidate Steve Reick’s primary election opponent Jeff Lichte’s not being available for its legislative forum:

I spoke with Mr. Lichte, and he said that he will be out of town on 2/4/16. Therefore we will not have Steve Reickparticipate in the forum.

He will be invited to give his 2-minute statement, and Mr. Lichte said that he will send a statement to be read by the moderator.

That will leave us with the four Republican candidates for District 66.

We look forward to you presenting your two-minute statement.

Most moderators place statements at the beginning of the evening before candidates opening statements.  Please be aware that our timer will give you a 30 second warning on your two minute.

We have been trying to get the newspaper to list our Meet & Greets at 6:30 prior to each forum and they have not been very active on that, but please come early and bring your literature.

= = = = =
Reick seeks to run against 9-term State Rep. Jack Franks, a Democrat.

Litche has been a supporter of Jack Franks as recently as two years ago.

McHenry County Blog has speculated that the Democrats put Litche up as a Republican in order to make certain the Republican Party could not caucus a candidate later in the election process.

Having Litche on the ballot would put Franks in the same position that his leader, House Speaker Mike Madigan usually arranges in his own district–putting up a dummy candidate who will not campaign in the fall against him.


Fake Republican Opponent of Steve Reick Ducks Debate — 3 Comments

  1. Lichte ought to make Franks pay for an extended vacation in Mongolia during the primary campaign season.

    Maybe he did!

  2. If we’re going to clean up IL we need to rid ourselves of the Maddigan/Franks/Kirk/Durbin Liberal disease!

    Vote for Steve Reick to get rid of Maddigan’s boy, Franks!

    Vote for James Marter to get rid of Durbin’s twin voter, Kirk!

    It will be a good start!

  3. As politicians walk door to door passing out literature and seeking votes, could voters knock on a political candidate’s door and ask them questions?

    Particularly candidates who have not participated in debates or answered questionnaires?

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