Kelly Liebmann Decides Against County Board Pension

A press release from District 6 McHenry County Board candidate Kelly Liebmann:

Kelly Liebmann Provides Determination on Pension Benefits

District 6 County Board Candidate Recognizes Need to Give Definitive Response To Constituents on Pension Question

Crystal Lake, Illinois – Republican Candidate for McHenry County Board, Kelly Liebmann, warranted the need to address residents’ comments regarding the pension question posed at the League of Women Voters forum at McHenry County College on January 26th.

Kelly Liebmann

Kelly Liebmann

“Although for some constituents the issue of pensions can be contentious, the issue of whether an elected official opts to take an offered benefit has never been a ‘make it, or break it’ reason behind casting my vote in any election,” Liebmann stated.

“My answer at the League of Women Voters forum was sincere, even if it made me vulnerable to ridicule.”

Liebmann, a political newcomer, has garnered support as discussion sweeps through District 6 of Kelly’s organizational skills and motivated enthusiasm, inspiring voters to believe Liebmann is up for the challenges an elected official may encounter.

“Although all of my opponents for the March primary have already expressed their intentions to participate in IMRF, those decisions should not deter voter efforts to research which candidate best represents their own personal values and positions,” Liebmann stated.

“I am an advocate against costly programs, projects, studies, and legislation and my constituents can reach out to me via phone or email to inquire more about my integrity.”

Understanding the need to define her answer before the March 15thprimary, Kelly opted to exert her small government values to sway her faithful husband and adversary, regardless of discord.

“I will not be joining the IMRF,” Liebmann stated. “I believe public employees should be transitioned from defined benefit plans to defined contribution plans.”


Kelly Liebmann Decides Against County Board Pension — 5 Comments

  1. Now, let’s hear from the other candidates!

    Who will be the first to promote Legislation against elected officials participating in any public pension plan?

    Althoff was quick to kow-tow to Anderson, Mr. Salgado, Kurtz and Shorten, will she be the first?

    Barb Wheeler?

    Who will be the first to eliminate healthcare benefits for elected officials?

  2. Life isn’t stagnate.

    When a candidate gets a unexpected question, giving a I’m not sure answer is OK.

    Better than answering one way then having to eat crow by changing your position.

    As long as a answer/position is made in a timely manor, and not just blown off.

  3. I respect anyone who says

    “I am not sure let me evaluate and respond”

    ..This takes guts and integrity to say this..

    But I live by the rule if I say’s because I know it.

    This is not to be mistaken with I won’t change my mind if I learn more.

    But if you don’t know it don’t say it because words cannot easily be taken back.

    Good for you Kelly.

    I respect that.

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