Lake County State’s Attoney’s Investigation of Kim Zinke “Active”

Kim Zinke

Kim Zinke

Kane County Sheriff’s Deputy Kim Zinke, who is married to Andy Zinke and used to be a McHenry County Sheriff Deputy, was put on leave by the Kane County Sheriff’s Department on April 21, 2015.

Her position was in “Records / Evidence.”

When the Lake County State’s Attorney was contacted this week to find out the status of the case, its Public Information Officer said it was “active.”


Lake County State’s Attoney’s Investigation of Kim Zinke “Active” — 24 Comments

  1. Maybe now that Lake County has indicted Joe Gliniewicz’s wife, they can move on with Zinke’s……….
    aybe they can get a two for one…….

    Whatever the outcome….hope they get what they deserve !

  2. In the meantime, she is on paid leave, costing Kane County a bundle.

    This reminds me of the Greg Pyle case, as he was getting paid all that time before he ended up in the slammer.

  3. Happy Trails, trying to link this investigation with another unrelated criminal case says more about your state of mind and loss of reason than the issue at hand.

    Not knowing the Zinke’s, I believe Mrs. Zinke is a mother with children under the age of majority.

    Irrespecive of politics, I do not wish a criminal investigation or indictment on anyone expecially a parent of young children.

    To some extent, we all live in glass houses.

    I wish Ms. Zinke and her family well and hope in time they can put this chapter behind them as well as we all should. . . .

  4. Why was the Lake County State’s Attorney was contacted about this at all?

  5. Conflict since she was once employed by McHenry County and her husband was too.

    Had to get a special prosecutor out of the Lake County office.

  6. Wow, David.

    Have to give a pass for certain people that a more worthy than others?

    A little biased on the side of corruption are you?

  7. My state of mind is just fine.

    I was not linking Zinke with Gliniewicz…just saying that maybe they have more time to concentrate on other cases….it has been almost a year……

    I also don’t wish ANY person a criminal investigation or indictment when they have young children, but if ANYBODY is corrupt, regardless if they have children or not, they should pay for their crimes.

    People who commit crimes should think of their children and how it will affect them , if they get caught…..unfortunately, a lot don’t.

    I never said she was guilty, but move it along.

    Don’t get your panties in a uproar.

    Politics aside, what ever will be, will be…….

  8. The judicial system will in time bring this matter to finality, in the meantime try not to enjoy yourselves too much at the expense of the accused.

    Revenge is a dish best served cold.

    The final arbiter of determination of crime and any subsequent punishment should be left to the trier of fact and not the howling masses on this blog.

  9. Dave, perhaps some of the howling masses have been damaged by these people.

    Think about that.

    There are victims.

  10. I am not one to hide behind moniker or engage in conjecture or speculation.

    If a crime was committed and there are victims they too can seek refuge in court and obtain restitution.

    This blog best when we stick to politics which this no longer is.

    This is just one humble man’s opinion.

  11. I agree David, the constant monitoring of the Zinke family is over the top.

    When there is new news fine, but making news is like har ass ment.

  12. One can easily tell who the Liberals/Leftists are on this blog.

    Nothing to see here, move along …

  13. FYI, I met Andy once for maybe 10 minutes, asked him some tough questions, voted for the other dude.

    You are throwing rocks at a person just trying to get some decency back it our lives.

    You are part of this nations problems of over the top mean bordering on harassment.

  14. So the question is if she is ever charged or convicted of anything does she qualify to be hired as a supervisor in Sheriff Prim’s office?

    Or are arrests surrounding DUI and violence against women specific qualifiers?

    Can’t tell if you Prim people are proud of your hypocrisy, stupendously naive, or just plain only happy when bullying?

    You guys going to go back after the families kids yet?


  15. butseriouslynow, your comment is pitiful!

    Andy and Kim caused most of their problems . . .

    Nygren did not help with his words of wisdom.

  16. I did not know that their was that much inbreeding in Lake and Kane county.

    You that are anti Zinke must be all part of the same family.

    The anti-Zinke fans should check out the real facts about the investigation.

    Cal Skinner lied about this being an ongoing investigation.

    He has had a hard-on Zinke’s.

    It’s been 11 month’s since this started, and it’s still active????

  17. I reported what I was told by the Public Information Officer of the Lake County State’s Attorney’s Office.

    If you doubt that report, call her yourself.

  18. Michael, careful what you say.

    Remember, Fukoku, she made statements about Bianchi that weren’t true.

    Kim ZInke, should be prosecuted.

    Please make sure that jail doors hits her real hard in the………………..

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