Jennifer Weinhammer Out Walking Her Precinct

Cary’s Jennifer Weinhammer is out walking her Algonquin 17 precinct today.

She is running against incumbent David Miller and seems pretty serious about it.

She has a handout for potential constituents:

Jennifer Weinhammer's walk card

Jennifer Weinhammer’s walk card

“I hope I can win over voters today with walking,” she said.

The precinct has almost 1,200 voters, although only 207 voted two years ago.

That’s a 17.5% turnout.

She even has yard signs:

The yard sign of Jennifer Weinhammer uses hammers to drive home her name.

The yard sign of Jennifer Weinhammer uses hammers to drive home her name.

Hammers are used to help people remember her name.

“Before knocking on anyone’s door I have had requests from 13 households to have a sign representing me on their yard,” she wrote.

.County Board member John Hammerand does the same thing.

Others are undoubtedly out knocking on doors today, too.

Anyone who would like to share what they are doing with McHenry County Blog readers is welcome to send photos or text.


Jennifer Weinhammer Out Walking Her Precinct — 13 Comments

  1. Thank you Cal.

    My door hangers will also have information and endorsements for Demetri Tsilimigras, Patrick Kenneally, Yvonne Barnes, Tom Wilbeck, Joe Tirio and Dan McConchie.

    I am looking forward to speaking and listening to neighbors.

  2. Jennifer,

    IMO endorsements can work against you and often do, better at this level to just meet and greet and leave the extra political nonsense along.

    I like the fact you are competition, it’s what this country was found on.

  3. What a lunatic.

    Who invests this much effort in a position where the only responsibility is voting for the county party leadership?

    Is the vote to retain Sandy Salgado going to be so tight that they have to resort to lunacy like this?

    Who wants to bet that after getting elected, this woman never walks her precinct again (which is something that every PC is expected to do for Republican candidates in the general after getting elected)?

    I feel like I’m taking crazy pills.

  4. Thank you Jennifer for taking a position!

    Taking a position in the primary may help get some people of their lazy arse to come out in the vote in the primary.

    Our County has way too many voters who complain about the lack of choice in November when the ignorant twits did not vote in the primary!!

    “Rawdogger” needs to look in the mirror to see what one of the main problems in our country looks like!

    Just remember what people said about Andrew, yet he is out there most every day attempting to educate the ignorant.

    Thank you again for setting a great example!

  5. Rawdogger no committeeman ever knocks on my door.

    If that is what is expected.

    Why do you even care so much about how she is running her campaign is my question…

    I bet she stays involved.

    She’s adorable and seems to be running for the right reasons.

    Gotta start somewhere.

  6. The number one definition from the Oxford Dictionary online states that a lunatic is a person “who is mentally ill”.

    I’m sorry, but someone working very hard to make changes in her community in a positive and effective manner can hardly be described as mentally ill.

    Actually, I’m not sorry.

    Shame on you, “rawdogger” for stooping to name calling and kindergarten level insults without any reference to actual politics.

    So, “rawdogger” hiding behind a false name…in light of your need to “take crazy pills” your lack of informed opinion has been in effect, dismissed.

    People say a lot of things when they have a mask.

    How distasteful and cowardly.

    Kudos to Jennifer Weinhammer for already putting out enormous effort for a thankless and so very important job.

    It is phenomenally brave to walk door to door and put yourself out there for something you so strongly believe in.

    Demetri Tsilimigras
    Patrick Kenneally
    Yvonne Barnes
    Joe Tirio
    Tom Wilbeck
    Dan McConchie
    Jennifer Weinhammer

    Change is on the horizon, and it feels good!

  7. Raw dogger is clearly part of the problem, and no part of the solution.

    This young lady, Jennifer will undoubtedly work her way into a political position where this current experience will be very helpful.

    Maybe Rawdogger is Bob Miller whose kids Are handed jobs they didn’t earn.

    Is David Miller one of the many Millers getting rich off local govt.?

    It’s those entitled types that really resent those who don’t mind hard work and perseverance and the joy they find in public service (not public highway robbery)

  8. You have my vote Jennifer!

    Good luck to you.

    We’d all be better off having you in this position.

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