Precinct Workers in the Snow

A group of Cary precinct workers sent a snapshot standing behind the yard signs they are putting up.

PC in snow 1-30-16 Jennife Weinhammer, Jim Cosler, Mike Weinhammer, Chris Covelli and Andrew Gasser didn't send me an "action" photo, so you'll have to settle for this posed shot.

Jim Cosler, Chris Covelli, Jennifer Weinhammer, Mike Weinhammer, and Andrew Gasser didn’t send me an “action” photo, so you’ll have to settle for this posed shot of them behind signs they posted this afternoon.

Do you have photos of yourself or others campaigning, of torn down signs or literature?

Please send the to the email address on the left.

I’ll get around to them eventually.


Precinct Workers in the Snow — 6 Comments

  1. Watch out this is Gassers attempt to take over Algonquin township and oust current gop

  2. A shake up is fine once in a while, clears the air.

    Problem is the highly emotional group trying to grab power really any better than what’s there now?

    Lots of lip service, but not much written down in the form of a plan to rid the area of what they claim are major problems.

    By participating in the age old process of installing political signs, they are continuing the practice of environmental pollution.

    After each election signs are left to root, even some of those signs displayed above WILL be part of the root.

    Need I mention they are often put at locations that cause traffic sight distance problems.

    Political signs all over the place are distracting to drivers, like texting to a degree.

    Same old same old, just a different set of shoes.

  3. Stand4Truth is a gay website.

    And So what if Andrew is attempting to take over Algonquin.

    He is, after all DOING something!

    He’s working hard.

    So he’s earning it.

    Nob, YES they are better.

    They are a group with ethics, a plan, and implementation of getting out information and the Vote!

    And there’s nothing saying you couldn’t get off the couch and collect signs after the election instead of stroking your position at the keyboard-like that alone ever did anything to improve the political landscape for better Govt.!

  4. How would you know about gay websites?

    I just happen to like the name but sounds like you have a problem not me.

    Just like you call it the way I see it so others can have more than one perspective.

    But I am sure that is what you don’t like someone with a different perspective than yours.

  5. “You cannot buy the revolution.

    “You cannot make the revolution.

    “You can only be the revolution.

    “It is in your spirit, or it is nowhere.”

    ― Ursula K. Le Guin

  6. Jeebus, I’m in the face of every politician I know asking tough questions, and some that don’t know me every chance I get, give it a rest on the ignorant nonsense, you don’t know me.

    Andrew voted to raise taxes without a plan to correct the problems of consolidation first.

    Even Joe Tirio and a few others said that his vote was wrong indirectly when they commented on Steve’s blog.

    Andrew has no plan, just emotional stuff.

    I’ve asked Andrew where his plan is to get rid of Nepotism and Patronage he whines about, I got excuses.

    “There is no try, there is do or don’t.” Yoda!

    Sorry Andrew, but lip service doesn’t cut it anymore, only real action will win me voting for you again.

    Yes I voted for you the first time.

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