Kirk Opponent James Marter Coming to Algonquin Wednesday

A press release from the Huntley Area Tea Party:

Huntley Area Tea Party Luncheon Meeting

James Marter wants to be your next U.S. Senator.

James Marter

James Marter

Here’s your opportunity to meet James Marter, family man, successful business man, dedicated patriot, and GOP candidate for Illinois U.S. Senator.

Jim Marter has a passion and a premise that the people of the State of Illinois should have a Senator who is looking out for them, and not powerful corporations or lobbyists. He knows we share many concerns that face our nation today. We need to work together to bring the original purpose of our constitution and limited government back to our great nation; and return to our country’s foundations of Life and Liberty.

It is time to send a Senator to Washington D.C. whose first interest is the Liberty and Security of the American citizen taxpayer.

Incumbent Illinois Senator Mark Kirk’s voting record is out of touch with people’s values.

He is a consistent supporter of gun control, a history of opposing school choice, voted NO against Kate’s Law ending unlawful Sanctuary City Status.

He has opposed almost every effort to significantly cut spending or balance the budget, and finally Mark Kirk is the only sitting Republican senator to have voted FOR Cap and Trade energy taxes and AGAINST defunding Planned Parenthood. Kirk is failing us, we the people of Illinois.

The Primary Election is right around the bend.

Your vote matters!

Bring friends and family. Join us and be an informed voter.

Wednesday • February 3, 2016, beginning at 1:00 PM

Luncheon at Golden Corral, 1591 S. Randall Rd., Algonquin, IL


Kirk Opponent James Marter Coming to Algonquin Wednesday — 3 Comments

  1. Can’t wait to vote for Marter

    and send Dirt Bag Durbin’s shoe shine boy to the scrapheap of Illinois history.

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