Serwatka’s Early January Mailing

Trying to catch up on the mailings of Paul Serwatka, one of four candidates to replace State Rep. Mike Tryon, today you see what he sent out the first week of January:

Here's the back of the mailing.

Here’s the back of the mailing. ¬†Serwatka goes after legislative pensions and supports term limits.

Here's the address side of the early January mailing.

Here’s the address side of the early January mailing on which he promotes his “Taxpayer Protection Plan.”


Serwatka’s Early January Mailing — 13 Comments

  1. **What is the definition of Core Family Values?**

    Slashing child care, slashing services for seniors, destroying the safety net, etc.

  2. There is no mechanism for him to do many of these things.

    Explain a piece of legislation that is outside the constitutional compliance.

    Like many of those running currently- they say alot of what people want to hear but have NO ability to impact.

  3. Bottom line, the MOST QUALIFIED person for this job is Dan Wilbrandt.

    Education, experience, knowledge of law is very important.

    All the yak, yak is just that.

    He is not taking pension either.

  4. From this blog I have learned that Paul is living on a fireman’s disability pension.

    He can no longer do fire fighter work, but (as he is running for state rep) he is able to do other work.

    Paul says he hates government and wants to slash taxes hurting Illinois families, yet he accepts a lifetime pension.

    Before all the haters jump, I am NOT saying he should not have received some compensation.

    I am saying it is an odd juxtaposition of someone fighting against taxes that lives off of taxes.

  5. The last thing Illinois needs is another lawyer looking for political power!

    If experience is what matters, Illinois should be number one in the nation!

    Our political rulers have decades of experience and they use it to their own benefit to our detriment.

    Experience means nothing if it produces nothing tangible, nothing meaningful.

    Dan’s years as an elected official have meant supporting many tax increases, instituting red light cameras as a source of revenue, and voting directly against the governor by voting in favor of the prevailing wage ordinance EVERY year!

    The same can be said for Mrs. Schofield. 16 years in office and 16 years of pandering to the political forces that put her there.

    Serwatka, in under a year, has accomplished what hasn’t been done in decades in his village.

    First year for no property tax levy hike in more than a decade.

    First year to abolish village vehicle stickers in who knows how many decades.

    In the meantime, he continues to stand against a rogue and hostile village board with the support of nearly his entire village behind him!

    Tell me which of these other candidates, and all their “experience”, can say any of these things?

  6. It’s a bit of a stretch to give Paul Serwatka credit on eliminating the tax levy and the vehicle sticker program.

    The recommendation from village staff at the 11/24/15 board meeting was to eliminate the tax levy of which the trustees voted in favor of the motion.

    Therefore I question what role Paul played in this matter other than his vote — he certainly wasn’t the one who brought forth the recommendation.

    At the 1/26/16 board meeting, Carl Davis once again as he had in past years, expressed his desire to eliminate the vehicle sticker program.

    Gene Furey opened the motion while Jeff Iden seconded.

    Then all the trustees voted against the staff’s recommendation for the 2016 vehicle sticker program, thereby the motion failed and the sticker program will not be implemented.

    Again, I’m unclear what role and/or credit Paul deserves, he certainly wasn’t instrumental in bringing the subject matter forward nor was he a tie breaking vote in either case.

  7. Agree, Federal Farmer.

    He may not be ‘pretty’ but he’ll be a fighter and has already proven so.

    And those who have to ask what ‘Core Family Values’ don’t have any or are too stupid to vote or determine quality candidate characteristics.

    To educate you goofs, it means that:

    You deeply belief that family is of fundamental importance.

    You defend Life and the rights of those who may not have a voice (i.e. the unborn)

    Most of these crazy comments and beliefs contribute to the terrible situation we are in with policies in this country, that are ruining this country, tearing down Family values, morals and ethics.

    Way to go America.

    Your voters have reached an all time low in intelligence, common sense, morality and morale.

  8. Can’t we all just agree that Carolyn Schofield is the least qualified for the position?

  9. All Tier I (Tier 1) pensions need to be cut, that includes everyone receiving a pension and current workers contributing to the 20 public sector pension systems in Illinois.

    There could be a few hardship exemptions but in general if pensions are low, contributions were low.

    Tier II should be exempted, and their funds placed in a separate bucket.

    Ponzi scheme Tier I could then be left to eventually run out of money.

    The pensions are a scam in that going back to their inception, and escalating after the pension sentence was added to the Illinois State Constitution on December 15, 1970, legislative benefit hikes, and salary hikes occurred, while pensions were already underfunded.

    Salary hikes should have been kept at a bare minimum until pensions were fully funded, and a focus placed on fully funding pensions.

    That was not done.

    That’s the scam.

    So ending pensions for legislators is just affecting 1 of 20 pension systems.

    The pension problem is vast, wide and deep.

    The best way out is to repeal the pension sentence in its entirety:

    1. Illinois General Assembly passes House Joint Resolution Constitutional Amendment (HJRCA) or Senate Joint Resolution Constitutional Amendment (SJRCA), such as HJRCA 9 in the 99the General Assembly.

    2. Governor signs.

    3. Amendment placed on election ballot.

    4. Voters approve.

    5. Sentence added on December 15, 1970 (as part of a constitutional rewrite) is taken out of the Illinois State Constitution.

    6. Then it’s constitutional to scale back current pensions of retirees and current workers.

    That is fair.

    The benefit hikes and salary hikes to underfunded pensions was unfair.

    We need pension fairness.

  10. If “Constitutional compliance” is what’s needed then how in the world is anyone other than a lawyer going to do that?

    Please Federal Farmer (whatever that means), explain this to me.

    Also, if Paul, and obviously you, are so against red light cameras, does that mean the both of you are officially supporting people breaking the law?

  11. Dan is the most qualified for this office.

    He has served as a prosecutor (public service) for many years making far less than his peers in the private sector.

    His votes to increase taxes in West Dundee were widely supported by residents to help improve the Springhill Mall situation.

    If you ask any resident of West Dundee, they would tell you that it was money well spent and that it will alleviate taxes in the future due to an increase in revenue because of the improvements.

    As for the red light camera – another half truth.

    The red light camera in West Dundee does not produce a crazy amount of revenue like other villages.

    I don’t like red light cameras either, but they aren’t all alike.

    At the end of the day, we need someone who can make tough decisions when presented with them.

    Out of all the candidates, Dan is the best qualified.

  12. All Tier I (Tier 1) pensions need to be reduced is a better choice of words.

    Not eliminated, reduced.

    And converted to defined contribution.

    Public sector defined benefit pensions in Illinois resulted in pension benefit hikes exchanged for votes, campaign contributions, and campaign assistance; contributions diverted to salary hikes; various actuarial assumptions lowballed to reduce current year employer contributions (which hiked future year contributions); and a whole host of other problems.

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