District 5 County Board Campaign Literature

I’m trying to put all campaign literate from each County Board District in separate articles.

McHenry County Board District 5.

McHenry County Board District 5.

Here’s what I have found for District 5, which includes parts of Algonquin, Bull Valley, Crystal Lake, Huntley, Lake in the Hills, Lakewood and Woodstock.

These articles will list literature in ballot order.

First is newcomer Andy Snarski:

The front of Andy Snarski's palm card.

The front of Andy Snarski’s palm card.

The back of Andrew Snarski's literature.

The back of Andrew Snarski’s literature.

Second on the ballot is Joe Calomino.

The front of Joseph Calomino's pamphlet.

The front of Joseph Calomino’s pamphlet.

Next we look inside.

The inside flap is shown here.

The inside flap is shown here.

Below is the inside of the pamphlet:

The inside of Joe Calomino's leaflet.

The inside of Joe Calomino’s leaflet.

Drawing last place on the ballot is first termer Mike Skala.

This the front of Mike Skala's palm card.

This the front of Mike Skala’s palm card.

Here is the reverse side of Mike Skala's literature.

Here is the reverse side of Mike Skala’s literature.


District 5 County Board Campaign Literature — 7 Comments

  1. Great idea – Map of the County Board District + Candidate campaign literature in one article.


    The McHenry County Auditor website contains reports about the financial condition of the county.


    http://www.co.mchenry.il.us > County Government > Departments A – I > Auditor

    Good place to start is the Popular Annual Financial Report (PAFR).

    The Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) includes information about the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund (IMRF), including the unfunded liability (taxpayer IOU to the pension fund).

    The County participates in three IMRF plans.

    1. Regular for County employees, aka “Regular” plan.
    2. Sheriff Law Enforcement Plan (SLEP).
    3. Regular for Conservation District employees, aka “District” plan.

    The funding level for each varies.

    The county’s fiscal year ends November 30, and the most current CAFR published is for Fiscal Year Ending November 30, 2014.

    Here is information on those IMRF pensions from the McHenry County FY 2014 CAFR.

    Member Contribution Rate
    Regular – 4.5%
    SLEP – 7.5%
    District – 4.5%

    Employer Contribution Rate
    Regular – 10.84%
    SLEP – 25.30%
    District – 12.26%.

    Annual Pension Cost (Employer Annual Required Contributions to the plan aka Employer ARC to the plan)
    Regular – $5,572,632
    SLEP – $3,183,722
    District – $537,865

    Percent Funded & Unfunded Liability (Taxpayer IOU)
    Regular – 84.45% – $17,171,676
    SLEP – 56.69% – $25,670,504
    District – 70.16% – $2,944,254.


    So when you read that IMRF is well funded, well, it depends on the exact plan.

  2. Joe has no Paid for line….

    isn’t that what you were all yelling about with Judge Cowlin?

  3. Wow more “Tax Watch Dogs” on MCBOT!

    Would rather have “doggie doers” than “doggies who just watch”.

    We already have a self-identified doggie who watches in District #1 chained to Joe Walsh.

    Rather than watch, I would like to know what action these candidates are going take regarding the 41 Million Dollars in illegal reserves at Valley Hi.

    Will they just pant like the watch dog elected from District #1?

    So far do date, “Tax Watch Dog” in Disrict #1 has not even publicly growled voting with the misguided majority saying no further levies at Valley Hi for year 2016 but Valley Hi can keep the $41 Million Dollars it has already confiscaded illegally from taxpayers.

    A mighty small bone to the taxpayers, in fact, I find MCBOT handling of this to be a bunch of “doggie do”!

  4. YES Calamino should know better (just like “Judge” Cowlin should). Joe has been other people’s campaign managers and has worked for a PAC.

  5. As the campaign moves forward I am starting to research the candidates.

    Part of my research has been to check candidates past voting records.

    In doing so, I noticed that Mr. Snarski last voted in a Republican Primary election 2008.

    For someone who claims to be a lifelong Republican I found this fact to be of concern.

    Additionally, until and unless a candidate raises or spends $5, no disclaimer is required sadly.

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