708 Board Contracts with Epilepsy Foundation for Brain Injury Work

A press release from the McHenry County 708 Mental Health Board:

Epilepsy Foundation to offer Brain Injury Health Management Services

With grant support from the Mental Health Board, the Epilepsy Foundation will begin offering Brain Injury Health Management services to McHenry County residents on March 7, 2016.

The Epilepsy Foundation provides children and adults with epilepsy, seizure disorder, traumatic/acquired brain injuries, and co-occurring mental health conditions access to state-of-the-art medical care, mental health care and support services. The Brain Injury Health Management program will be housed at the McHenry County Epilepsy Foundation office located at 333 Commerce Drive Suite 500, Crystal Lake, IL 60014. This facility includes the tele-psychiatry program, two clinic rooms, and space for client workshops and support groups.

Brain Injury Health Management services will enhance Traumatic Brain Injury programming currently provided through Pioneer Center for Human Services as Pioneer Center officials identified a gap in revenue necessary to sustain the program. In response, the Mental Health Board provided Pioneer Center with increased funding assistance for the months of December–February while they worked to secure a new service provider.

The Brain Injury Health Management program will provide medical healthcare coordination, individual case management, referral, linkage, counseling, patient and family advocacy, school and community education, and support groups.

Through a partnership with Rush University Medical Center, Marvin Rossi, MD., PhD. will serve as the Medical Director for the Brain Injury Health Management program. Dr. Rossi will oversee patient care, brain injury case management services, vocational services, co-morbid physical health referrals, mental health referrals and community provider referrals.

For more information about Brain Injury Health Management services please contact Nancy Monica, who is with the Foundation, at 815-893-0709.

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