Coroner Majewski Cutting Staff

Anne Majewski

Anne Majewski

Dr. Anne Majewski, McHenry County Coroner is asking to cut the least senior Deputy Coroner’s hours in half.

A report to the Finance and Audit Committee shows

“…it has been determined that a reduction in scheduled Deputy Coroner hours is appropriate.

“This reduction is best accomplished by reclassifying a Deputy Coroner position from full time to part time.

“This decrease will not impact the function of the office and, furthermore, will reduce salary and benefit expenses in the department…

“This reduction in hours worked will save $26,455 ($20,647 in wages, $5808 in benefits).”

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And, that, Ladies and Gentlemen, is what every department will have to do to keep taxes from increasing.


Coroner Majewski Cutting Staff — 11 Comments

  1. Anne, would you consider running for McHenry County Board.

    Most of the readers in VBH are probably unaware but Valley Hi nursing home through overtaxation of McHenry County residents by McHenry County Board has more than 41 Million Dollars in liquid funds on hand.

    The Board to date has taken no action to return these funds to McHenry County taxpayers who were illegally assessed over many years.

    I bet if Anne were on that Board, she would not stand for such largesse or inaction!

  2. Anyone else want to start circulating petitions to get Anne to run for County Board chair as an independent!?

    Even if Jack Franks ran, she would win!

  3. Good job, Anne.

    Government is so bloated.

    You have the courage to do the right thing.

  4. Many gov agencies are using more part time people to save on benefits, and there is no shortage of people that are happy for those jobs.

  5. Good Job Ann…now if the rest of the county would follow suit,we might be in Good shape,

    Glad to see all the positive comments…..

    But before she can run against Jack Franks..we need to vote Jack Franks out of Office……………

    Come on Steve Reick you can do it…

  6. I give it a year until she hires someone to fill the eliminated position , if it takes that long

  7. I don’t believe someone who is on the primary ballot, as Anne Majewski is, can run for another office, but I could be wrong.

  8. The layoff rules are in the collective bargaining agreement between the County and SEIU Local 73.

    “Section 7.1 Definition and Notice

    A layoff is defined as a reduction in bargaining unit jobs.

    The Employer shall give the Union at least fourteen (14) days’ notice of any layoffs except in emergency situations wherein such period of notice may be reduced.”

    The collective bargaining agreement (aka labor agreement aka negotiated agreement) does not seem to stipulate the person with least seniority must get laid off first. > County Government > Departments A – I > Human Resources > Collective Bargaining > Current Contracts > SEIU Coroner Dec 2014 – Nov 2018

    file name: SEIUCoronerDec2014Nov2018p.pdf

    There does not seem to be any such stipulation in the Illinois Labor Relations Act (ILRA) that the person with the least seniority must get laid off first.

    Maybe someone can find something indicating otherwise in the labor agreement or the ILRA.


    Per the county’s compensation report on the website, as of the time the data was submitted to be posted, there were 6 employees in the Coroner’s office. > County Government > Departments A – I > Human Resources > IMRF Salary Report 2015

    file name: IMRFSalaryReport2015pdf.pdf

    – County Coroner
    – Deputy Coroner/Investigator
    – Deputy Coroner/Investigator
    – Deputy Coroner/Investigator
    – Deputy Coroner/Investigator
    – Secretary/Deputy Coroner

  9. Anne Majewski is a competent, tireless public servant, who deserves our absolute support.

    We need more public servants like Anne!

    Thanks for all you do for this County and particularly keeping costs down and services high.

  10. Thank you Cal!

    I jumped the gun.

    However, I do believe we need to find an independent to run against Jack and whichever one of the clown parade the voters choose.

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