Message of the Day – A License Plate — 5 Comments

  1. Those of us who have lived long enough and have seen the change and decline in US feel like “expats” in our own Country.

    It is as the saying goes, if you live long enough those things which were once deemed ridiculous become common place.

    Ergo, Barack O’Bama and Bolshevik Bernie Sanders!

    This is why a natavist like Donald Trump will likely win the Republican nomination.

    From there, it will be the showdown between “Capitalism” v “Socialism”.

    Irrespective, given the number of Yutes who espouse Bolshevik views, politicians, parents and educators have failed our Constitution thus in the long run the slide toward further socialism will continue.

    Think about it, John F. Kennedy would have no place in today’s Socalistic-Democratic Party being more conservative than most of the mensheviks (Rubio, Bush and Kasich) running on the Republican side.

  2. Steiper is spot on.

    The sicko-elites of both rotten parties, whores of the central bankers and the Israeli-first neo-cons are dancing on the rim of a huge volcano that will make Krakatoa seem like a dud.

  3. Goodbye and don’t come to Illinois to take our jobs.

    A lot of people working in businesses in McHenry are from Wisconsin.

    If tax breaks are given to businesses they should have to hire local first, then state first before going outside the state.

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