Proft Puts $34,000 into TV for Dan McConchie’s State Senate Run

Dan McConchie

Dan McConchie

Now we have Liberty Principles PAC, the Political Action Committee run by WIND Radio Talk Show Host Dan Proft with money from Govenror Bruce Rauner”s Turnaround Illinois PAD and Richard Uihlein, owner of ULINE.

On February 8th, Network Cable Communications, LLC was contracted on behalf of the PAC to run TV ads for Dan McConchie.


Proft Puts $34,000 into TV for Dan McConchie’s State Senate Run — 5 Comments

  1. It is a most unfortunate decision by Mr. Proft to award 34k to Dan McConchie’s campaign!

    Mr. McConchie does not have the necessary resume to address the current financial woes of the State.

    Mr. Proft’s influence peddaling to steer Springfield’s agendas is arguably embracing the worst and darkest side of the political shell game!

    Mr. Proft is a misguided enabler of Ilinois’ dysfunction and shines a spotlight on why our state’s legislative body is so fragmented.

    It is super PAC’s like his which taint the political landscape and ensures that the lobbyists and special interest groups remain the ruling class in Springfield.

    I believe that the continued support of this dysfunction will be voted down by the electorate March 15th.

    Support McLaughlin because he is not part of the fraternity of corruption, which is why Proft’s monetary’s support allows Springfield to continue to balance it’s budget on the backs of seniors with a retirement tax.

    I appeal to my fellow voters to elect Martin McLaughlin, a citizen warrior, a non-politican.

    The era of buying political influence in Springifield will end when we send regular citizens to represent our interests.

    Vote for Martin McLaughlin a a genuine taxpayer advocate!!

  2. Mr. McConchie, the federally registered lobbyist, is against term limits.

    Those two facts alone makes him unsuitable for State Senate.

    On term limits, in his own words:

    “I believe voters are the ultimate term limit, but for that to work, we need a fair map and equitable campaign finance rules, neither of which currently exist in Illinois. What I have observed happen in other states with term limits is that political power has shifted from elected legislators subject to the voters to unelected staff and lobbyists. I would vote for term limits if they were a part of larger reform package, but we know from other states that they do not solve a state’s problems by themselves.”

    Vote Martin McLaughlin who unequivocally supports term limits.

  3. Joe Walsh and Dan Proft are in the tank for this guy and it has noting to do with ability.

    At the end of the day it will be interesting to see where Dan Duffy ends up in all of this. . .

    These people are the establishment who think they own these seats having no belief in a citizen government.

    Lobbyists, insiders and big money!

    Vote most qualified Marty McLaughlin or even Casey Urlacher if feel compelled sending a message to the Republican political machine which has granted Illinois residents “0”.

    The only way to restore republican party in Illinois is through “we the people” voting in outside right minded candidates with the skills and tools to make change necessary.

  4. Honestly, when I read this, I thought, “the establishment is getting worried. Resorting to throwing money to back the wrong candidate in Springfield. Perhaps, in fact they should be overly concerned because Martin McLaughlin is a new brand of Republicans. Game changers who aren’t going to stand for countless excuse making or poor politics on the backs of constituents; particularly our seniors.
    Martin is a no nonsense guy who understands how to engage people to find compromise on tough subjects; like pension reform. Let’s break the special interest choke hold on our state. I’m for good people who genuinely want to solve problems and restore dignity and pride back to Illinois. Good Luck Martin you’ve earned my vote!

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