708 Board to Discuss Pioneer Center Bailout — 7 Comments

  1. See what happens when the PEOPLE elect a Republican Governor to fix things, but are too dumb to not re-elect the same people and Madigan who got the state into the fix it’s gotten into in the first place?

  2. Rahm and Hillary got Rauner in.

    YOu are still stuck paying more taxes for Pioneer.

  3. Pioneer center is a huge WASTE OF MONEY.

    Just ask the people who have sought services from them.


    Constant change over of Top management , no one knows about insurance matters, violations of people privacy..

    Terrible service at too high a price for the tax payers.

    Do NOT fund Pioneer CENTER. I have spoken to people in the community who needs services and none of them support Pioneer.

  4. Cynthia, I have been following Cal’s blog for many years.

    Your comment is among the most deplorable, not to mention callous, that I have ever read.

  5. Clients NEED Pioneer Center!!!

    Yes, I have been told that there has been admission non-call backs for information, services and occasional dis-satisfaction with some services offered however that is not the majority.

    Programming could be improved upon to truly teach skills with less emphasis on fitness programming.
    Fitness should continue but not be the growing focus.

    Fitness is important for mind and body but programming should focus on education, personal development, coping and social skills needed, within their individual capability, in order to truly grow and thrive.

  6. Pioneer is failing due to incompetent billing supervision, control issues and lack of accountability.

    Money that was lost could have been avoided.

    Poor communication and cover up caused the majority of the problems.

    AID will be a great improvement with more competent people handling the billing process.

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