Kirk Opponent James Marter in Crystal Lake

U.S. Senate candidate James Marter came to the Crystal Lake Rib House Monday night to tell why he should be nominated for the GOP ballot, instead of incumbent Mark Kirk.

Kirk is widely believed to the be the most vulnerable incumbent Republican Senator up for re-election.

He reminds me of Charles Percy the time he was beaten.

Marter looking left waist up eyes open wider

James Marter

But, while Percy tacked to the right in order to win nomination, Kirk is acting more like a Democrat in preparation for a fall election in which he is certain he will be the Republican candidate.

Marter said he would

  • defund Planned Parenthood, while Kirk supported continued support
  • oppose sanctuary cities, which Kirk supports
  • support immigration law, which is now not being followed (“When I go [abroad], I have to have a work permit.”)

“We need a Congress who will  hold the President and Executive Branch accountable to the Rule of Law,” Marter said.

Addressing Obamacare, Marter pointed out that Kirk claims to have voted against it 40 times, but “the one time it was going to the President, he voted, ‘No.'”

“Do we need a safety net?  Yes, but we don’t have to take 1/6 of the economy.”

Marter also criticized Kirk for not supporting the Second Amendment.

And, after all the years Kirk has been in Congress, Marter wondered “what he has done to stop the spending.”

McHenry County Recorder of Deeds candidate Joe Tirio put together the joint candidate fundraiser.

Marter’s literature can be found below:
Marter 2Marter 1


Kirk Opponent James Marter in Crystal Lake — 8 Comments

  1. James, thank you for requesting to be part of our event President’s Day Multi-Candidate Event last night!

    Congratulations on your latest endorsement from the Palatine Township Republicans Organization!

  2. I am getting a great response from the voters in my precinct about James Marters run for the Senate..

    I hope he will pull the majority of McHenry County in this next election.

  3. Marter has already had a positive effect.

    RINO Kirk has refused to Knuckle under to rubber stamping Affirmative Active Obama’s nomination to replace Justice Scalia.

    Justice Scalia, Rest in Peace for a job well done.

  4. RINO Kirk is an embarrassment to both Republicans as well as Conservatives.

    Therefore he must be eliminated from the body.

  5. And will you take Action to Impeach the President and remove him when he BREAKS The / OUR Laws?!

    unlike the ones who are there now, and some are up on a presidential podium spouting off how they would do this what after he is gone?

    not when you had the chanceto do something while it happened?

    and still did nothing! j

    ust how will you handle this ?

    do nothing like all of them now?

    you gotta walk the talk if you want my vote, no more hot air from any of you people we are all sick of it…

    someone has to stand up and it looks like it will be WE The People.

  6. Only the U.S. House of Representatives can impeach a President.

  7. It is quite strange seeing this kind of talk here.

    I hate to break it to you, but you must know that Marter will never actually win the general election.

    Kirk barely did 6 years ago and as you’ve pointed out he’s very moderate.

    This is a Democratic state.

    Republicans should be supporting the candidate who even has the slightest chance to beat Rep. Duckworth.

    Unless you conservatives would prefer her???

    Guys the fact is Sen. Kirk votes with the Republican Party 73% of the time.

    The other percentage of the time, he is representing the majority opinions of his state.

    (But I guarantee you’ll see a number very close to 0% if Tammy Duckworth is elected)


    Represent the majority of their constituents, not their party.

    It’s interesting that you all are usually so angry about “politics as usual”, yet we have a representative here who’s actually trying to do his CONSTITUTIONAL duty and you want him out.

    Weird world.

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