Urlacher Makes Second Mailing

I’m assuming it arrived within the last week.

This one goes for name identification and identification with the Republican Party.

Nothing by Urlacher's last name on the address side of Casey Urlacher's second mailing.

Nothing by Urlacher’s last name on the address side of Casey Urlacher’s second mailing.

The back of the direct mail piece has this quote:

“I was a Republican before I knew what a Republican was.”

The back of Casey Urlacher's second mailing touts his being a lifetime Republican.

The back of Casey Urlacher’s second mailing touts his being a lifetime Republican and provides a mini-biography.


Urlacher Makes Second Mailing — 4 Comments

  1. Urlacher and McConchie’s photo collages are attempting to divert attention from the actual focus of the election for State Sentate representative in the 26th district.

    Instead of describing their educational background and experience in finances; particularly pension management, there is an effort to distract attention from the issues.

    Tax reform is urgently needed!!

    Neither candidate has adequately outlined their real world experiences to voters and continue to spout the political mantras and soundbites that offer no up no solutions.

    The electorate needs to educate themselves appropriately on the various candidates in the race.

    Martin McLaughlin will apply the requisite knowledge and background to support and represent us proudly in Springfield.

  2. McLaughlin wants to extend Route 53 north from Lake Cook rd. to Route 120.

    Wonder who will pay for that.

    McLaughlin will not lower taxes.

    McLaughlin plans to plow wetlands to extend a highway.

    ILLINOIS CANNOT AFFORD wasteful/destructive projects nor candidates like McLaughlin that support them.

  3. None of these candidates are exceptional candidates.

    Urlacher will win on name recognition alone.

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