Abboud Says McLaughlin Raised Taxes

State Senate candidate Martin McLaughlin defeated Bob Abboud for Barrington Hills Village President three years ago.

Abboud is still watching McLaughlin and in the following statement says that his successor raised village taxes.

McLaughlin Raised Our Taxes

Former Barrington Hills Village President Bob Abboud when he was running against Don Manzullo for Congress.

Former Barrington Hills Village President Bob Abboud when he was running against Don Manzullo for Congress.

Martin McLaughin at the League of Women Voters Forum.

Martin McLaughin at the League of Women Voters Forum.

Martin McLaughlin is running for the 26th State Senate District claiming he is a “financial conservative”.

As Barrington Hills Village President, McLaughlin raised our property tax rates 22% from 1.06282 in 2014, to 1.295399 in 2015.

McLaughlin raised our police pension tax rates 6% from 0.195126 in 2014, to 0.207197 in 2015. (ref: McHenry County tax records)

BH residents paid thousands in new taxes.

Our neighbors in Lake and Cook Counties will feel that burn later this year as their tax rates are readjusted on their respective schedules.

McLaughlin raised the Village Budget $105,984 in 2014 and $81,123 in 2015, after taking office in 2013. (Ref. BH Village Web site)

We don’t know what the true Barrington Hills’ budget and property tax levy numbers are for 2016 because the Village is under investigation by the Attorney General and Cook County State’s Attorney for irregularities. (Ref. AG and CCSA)

Our Village never had a union contract until McLaughlin took office, signing in a 19% salary increase back dated to 2009, just 8 weeks into his term.

He followed this up with another 6% raise 18 months later committing tax payers to 10 years of union raises and loss of management control. (Ref. BH Union Contracts 2103 and 2015)

Unable to meet the Police Pension Fund payment schedule, McLaughlin made multiple attempts to borrow over $7.5 million – well over a year’s tax revenue. (1/25/2016 Village Board meeting notes)

Fortunately, our Board rejected this action.

Campaign propaganda and Barrington society magazines cannot hide the facts.

McLaughlin is a professional politician.

Be an informed voter.


Abboud Says McLaughlin Raised Taxes — 17 Comments

  1. Republicans and some democrats hate the deficits but start a war or a new town project and they will raise it.

  2. David,

    So what’s the Waltz here?


    It must be tough to have to explain things off the clock!!!!!


  3. Abboud a/k/a defeated VBH prevaricator in chief not only watches McLaughlin but in fact is obsessed with McLaughlin having been trounced by McLaughlin in the last VBH election.

    Subsequently, unable to take the defeat in stride, Abboud has subsequently morphed into Chief Inspector Charles LaRousse Dreyfus of the famed Peter Sellers Pink Panther series “twitching”, “squinting” and “bellowing” at the mere mention of the name Martin McLaughlin.

    In due time, Dreyfus might need a straight-Jacket if he does not let his obsession of Martin McLaughlin go!

    The prevarications contained in this blog by this Napolean complexed figure will be individually dealt with in due time.

    I know those readers on this blog who have come in contact with VBH Inspector Dreyfus nothing more needs to be said, but future comments addressing his littany of lies will be for those who might not know this King Richard III like figure who appears more deformed with every one of his lies might want to grant any of his vomitous bloviations even an ounce of credibilty.

    Dreyfus is an extreme left wing liberal Democrat who once directed the former Chair of VBH ZBA Jonathan Knight to inform the public at a VBH ZBA meeting that Dreyfus could not make the ZBA meeting because he was having dinner with Pres. Barack O’Bama.

    A fiscal conservative like Martin McLaughlin who Dreyfus lost too by a landslide has driven this extreme liberal beyond reason!

    Bobby Abboud is to Martin McLaughlin as Chief Inspector Charles Rousseau Dreyfus is to Inspector Jacques Clouseau.

    Cal, I hope you did not give the Dark Prince of VBH a forum on your blog in order to provide some perceived advantage to McConchie.

    I say this, because you of all people should no better given this cretan’s record of service as VBH President.

  4. LOL David, great rock throwing, really impressive.

    Question still is: Is what was said here on this blog true?

    Yes or No, then the Waltz.

  5. David, An absolutely hilarious breakdown of Abboud.

    A couple questions…

    Is what Abboud said true?

    Was Abboud a cretan or a cretin or a crouton?

    Do you read Daley’s Herald or The Daily Herald?

    Thank you for a great laugh this afternoon.

    Best deconstruction of a person since LCTruth was on this blog.

  6. Holy One and Nob a/k/a Bob Abboud

    I will get back to you with the specifics and expose this miscreant who we once called VBH President.

    I do not read newspapers so call it what you will.

    Sometimes I write fast because I am working at my job and do not pay attention to spelling or text as I probably should.

    Stay tuned, and wait until you see what I have coming for Inspector Dreyfus.

    The Pink Panther will Strike Again!

  7. Surprised David Stieper can even read and write.

    Marty McFly’s BFF.

    So cute.

  8. The following are excerpts from the Barrington Hills Village Newsletter Summer 2015

    “Auditors Report for 2014

    At the May Board meeting Fred Lantz from Sikich LLP, our Village auditors, presented the Village’s financial statements. The full statements can be found at

    “a significant improvement inthe combined fund balances to $3,593,488, an increase of $640,950 from December 31, 2013”

    Auditor’s Highlights
    **“that sound financial practices and standards exists which will serve the Village well “
    **“ the reduction of spending can be attributed to reduced legal fees, and sound management practices, and reduced administrative expenses”
    Tax Review

    “For the first time in several years, the Village of Barrington Hills reduced the amount requested in property taxes, effectively lowering the levy.

    “The counties Cook, Kane, Lake and McHenry all allocate the request based on their percentage of the total tax burden, and share the levy requested on the Village’s portion of your real estate tax bill.

    “Generally, the Village makes up about 18% of your total tax bill with the school district’s portion as the largest share.

    “The remainder goes to the library district, fire districts, community college, etc.

    “In 2015, the Village Board agreed to invest the $484,000 in savings from reductions off the levy in the General Fund and Police Protection Fund, and apply that to the 2015 road resurfacing program in an effort to close the 4.9 mile gap that exists from our 2004-2014 ten-year road resurfacing program.”

    Spending Vs. Budget

    “Spending is anticipated to be below budget again, as the Village should continue to experience significant savings in legal service and administrative departmental expenses.

    “The consolidation of our 911 services is expected to allow for savings in fiscal year 2016.”


  9. Mr. Stieper’s summation was entirely true.

    He could have gone further if there was time and apace, but to respond to the poor loser, vindictive tyrant he/Abboud is only gives him the attention he craves.

    He left the Village of Barrington Hills in ruins.

    Fortunately, Martin McLaughlin was willing to run for the office and subject himself to the hostility and bad behavior of the remaining Abboud trustees (who were defeated in the next election).

    Unruffled by the Abboud leftovers, Martin McLaughlin continues to take the high road as he and the Board move on and rebuild.

    McLaughlin unifies rather than divides.

  10. Mr. Abboud is a chronic malcontent who can’t come to grips with the fact that he lost to Mr. McLaughlin.

    His statement is full of so many distortions and fabrications aimed at destroying someone who came along and restored order to Barrington Hills’ fiscal management.

    Really the best thing would be for Cal to pull this article completely and maybe consider even basic fact-checking before accepting this sort of drivel as factual ever again.

    On the topic of the tax levy, it was 6.56 million in 2013 when Mr. McLaughlin took office –the levy today in 2016 is 6.18 million.

    Spending has been reduced in in legal, administrative, healthcare, and other areas so much so that we will be continuing to lower our levy for years to come.

    Abboud talks about Mr. McLaughlin having signed a police union contract.

    That is true.

    However, what’s left out is that we never had a police union until Mr. Abboud came alo

    He was found to have committed unfair labor practices and botched the contract negotiations badly, basically referring to our police officers as womanizers and drunks.

    The village was paying $400K in legal fees in order to not pay $100K in additional salaries to settle.

    That’s what McLaughlin was up against.

    He settled, and a year later had a new contract with the police officers, both full and part time, making healthcare contributions, thus keeping pension costs down.

    In his heyday, Abboud was spending $1.2 million a year on legal fees — fighting everything. McLaughlin spends less than $300,000.

    And, on and on we can go. Someone else can address the Police Pension Fund issue which Abboud has distorted.

    Also, Mr. Abboud fails to mention the tens of thousands of dollars he has cost us taxpayers by filing voluminous FOIA requests to try to stop a village festival (which is funded fully by donations) where kids can carve pumpkins and get their faces painted.

    He’s filed all sorts of nuisance complaints with the Attorney General and State’s Attorney, and none of them are found to have any merit.

    But all of them have to go through legal review, costing us more money. Thanks Bobby.

    I realize this forum is a volunteer effort, but publishing statements from someone like this who clearly has an axe to grind doesn’t serve your readers’ interests.

    No more Abboud — PLEASE!

  11. Look – coming from a person that does not know Abboud or McLaughlin personally OR really cares about either of them and have met with a significant number of Barrington Hills residents – this is what I know:

    * What Abboud is saying about Marty and the details of the taxes and budgets is true. It is all public information – either look online or submit a FOIA request. You can’t make up facts.

    * Does Abboud have a beef with Marty – yes for sure – however the facts are still the facts.

    * The residents of VBH all same one thing exactly the same and that is most of them that supported Marty to be mayor deeply regret it now as he has turned his back on them and done the opposite of what he said he would do.

    * David Stieper is a crony of Marty’s – these are the residents words not mine – they have also said neither Stieper or Marty can be trusted.

    * David Stieper – your post is a bunch of gobbledygook that makes no sense.

    That is all – carry on

  12. After the people from Grafton Township read this they might think they had it good.

  13. Mr. Skinner, thank you for hosting a forum by which all voters may offer comments and for your keeping the public informed on matters of local political importance.

    The Village of Barrington Hills is finally digging out of the painful chaos wrought by the demagogue tactics of Bob Abboud.

    Since the last election, the new Board of Trustees have exposed painful truths.

    As Mr, Abboud attempts revisionist history, he continues to demonstrate how he hopes to regain purpose by fanning flames of non-existent discord.

    To be specific, the Police pension issue is enormous with obligations to the Village by most estimates exceeding $30 million in additional life time costs.

    That obligation is the direct mistake of the Abboud led Board of Trustees.

    President McLaughlin must work to find ways to minimize that horrific error by Mr. Abboud and his cronies. The police unionized unnecessarily under Abboud.

    Mr. McLaughlin dug us out of an inherited and terrible legal situation with the police union brought on by Mr. Abboud’s heavy handed tactics and settled the matter.

    The Sears litigation cost the Village in excess of $1 million in legal fees and exposed the Village to a $10 million + law suit that could have bankrupted the Village.

    Mr. McLaughlin settled that situation saving the Village from a nightmare.

    These issues were created under Mr. Abboud’s watch and the McLaughlin team found a way to minimize the damage and move forward with a positive plan for the Village.

    It is not shocking to see Mr. Abboud again attempt to create stress in the Village.

    After all, it’s from his leadership that the Village will have to thank for the misery caused when the Longmeadow Parkway is built and splits the Village in half.

    The good and decent middle of the Barrington Hills electorate learned how the Village was manipulated under Mr. Abboud’s tenure and are thankful for Mr. McLaughlin’s leadership putting us on a positive course for this unique and wonderful Village.

  14. Looks like someone got some new crayons for Christmas, eh Bobby?

    Waited for a special occasion to break them out and pinch of a letter to Cal, did ya?

    First of all, were it not for Bob Abboud winning a second term in 2009, Barrington Hills would not even have a unionized police force.

    Officers had enough of Abboud in his first term, and when faced with four more years of him, they voted to join the MAP Union quickly.

    As for is allegations of investigations by the AG and State’s Attorney offices, I’ve now doubt Bobby wrote letters (many since McLaughlin took office I imagine, thus the need for new crayons), but a letter does not an investigation make.

    I’m sure these two offices have had it with the cries of wolf from a dark basement bunker.

    The tax levy has been by the village has been lowered for at least two years.

    That’s as far as Barrington Hills can control it before it gets churned in the McHenry County machine of the otherwise unemployable workers in Woodstock.

    Perhaps they would be asked why taxes are up instead of whining about the one who cut them.

    What’s clear is Abboud was publicly fired by the residents of Barrington Hills in 2013 and he’s still not over it.

    Even that once magical smell from opening a new box of Crayolas his parents knew put a smile on his face just turns a frown, and soon all he’ll have are 64 colorful nobs left from all his letters. Sad.

  15. As a former resident of McHenry and Lake County, I now reside in Cook County again.

    All four homes were in Barrington Hills where I have been a resident for 30 years.

    Abboud’s White Knight status (read the Duda Debacle) quickly became The Dark Prince.

    The volunteer job as village president quickly became full time…as a Mad Meddler.

    The problems he created were so numerous, people tripped over each other to get to the podium.

    I have seen village presidents come and go in this community.

    Some were good, some were boring, none were as bad as Abboud.

    My only fear is that should McLaughlin win, Abboud will start his mischief.

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