Illinois Right To Life PAC Endorses

Peter Roskam

Peter Roskam

RTL Fed PAC logoThe Illinois Right to Life PAC has issued its endorsements.

Here they are for our area:

    • 6th District  Congress – Peter Roskam (over Republican opponent)
    • 14th District Congress – Randy Hultgren (unopposed Republican incumbent)
Dan McConchie

Dan McConchie

    • 14th District Congress –  John J. Hosta (Recommend over Democratic opponent)
    • 26th Senate – Dan McConchie (over Republican opponents)
Steve Reick

Steve Reick

  • 63rd House –  Steven Reick (over Republican opponent)
  • 64th House – Barbara Wheeler (no opponent)
  • 65th House – Steven Andersson (no opponent)
  • 66th House –  Allen Skillicorn (over Republican opponents)

Our intent is to elect men and women of all political parties who will speak for and vote for legislation to protect the first and most important right for all of us – our right to life.

When more than one pro-life candidate seeks the same office, IFRL PAC always endorses the pro-life incumbent.  There are a few candidates who we recommend over the opponent.

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Skillicorn put out the following press release:

Conservative Group Endorses Allen Skillicorn in 66th IL House Race

Well rounded conservative and right on the issues, Illinois Federation for Right to Life formally endorses Allen Skillicorn for State Representative in the 66th District.

The Illinois Federation for Right to Life Political Action Committee has made it’s 2016 Illinois Primary Endorsements. The complete list can be found HERE.

Skillicorn thanked IFRL PAC for the support, saying,

Allen Skillicorn

Allen Skillicorn

“I have tremendous respect for the work Illinois Federation for Right to Life has done promoting human rights for both women and the pre-born.”

Skillicorn continued, “It’s crucial not to split the conservative vote in what has become a top tier Republican primary with state wide implications. All candidates, including myself, seeking this primary nomination are elected officials. Remember history repeats itself and I encourage everyone to scrutinize how our past governing lines up with our respective campaign promises.”

Allen Skillicorn is a Republican candidate running in the 66th State House District. He faces Paul Serwatka, Dan Wilbrandt and Carolyn Schofield in the March 15th Primary.


Illinois Right To Life PAC Endorses — 6 Comments

  1. Republicans are for right to life of unborn but after they are born they don’t pass budgets which are hurting Illinois poor and elderly the most, don’t want to pay for schools, don’t care about sending soldiers to war to come back beaten and abused where they have to beg from charities to give what should have been budgeted for when they get into wars.

  2. Karma- get a life!

    The Illinois right to life organization has never supported war or denying aid to the poor.

    It is a fundamental truth that the unborn are human.

    Right to life is dedicated to promoting law protecting all innocent human life.

    I also believe in the social contract that distinguishes between innocent life and murders.

    Recently the liberal pro-murder/pro-choice group articulated a protest because the baby in the Doritos commercial was “humanized”.

    Ask yourself is a baby less human seconds before he or she is born?

    Moreover, Karma, your claim about republicans as somehow being uncaring is grossly misplaced.

    It was the Republican Party that stood against slavery.

    It was the Republican Party that stood against the civil rights abuses in the south.

    It was the democrat, JFK, that sent our boys off to Vietnam.

    JFK sent them without a plan or purpose.

    LBJ didn’t help much either.

    Nixon brought them home.

    Carter’s inaction with Iran unleashed a willingness of Islamic nuts to attack US interests.

    Bush in Desert Storm levied a quick and decisive military campaign in which less than 100 soldiers lost their lives.

    The coddling of real enemies leads to loss of more life.

    With that in mind add up the number of people who died in WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Persian Gulf War I and II and that total is less than all of the babies murdered under the holy grail of the democrats, abortion.

  3. Vote all Republicans out, they have done nothing but create war, crash the world economy, lied and cheated.

    let’s also not forget them trying to use big nanny state government to control woman rights, force religious rule over workers, tell people who they can and can not marry.

    Republicans are not small Government, the only time they are is when it comes to giving banksters / wall st free cash, Bailouts and handouts from the tax payers.

    Republicans are supporting a racist named Donald Trump, it’s time the American people rejected 5 second sound bite candidates and low information voters like right to lifer.

    These people don’t understand simple economics and rather vote out of fear and hatred of others personal decisions.

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