Skillicorn Hiring Door Knockers, Gets $5,400 from Uhlein — 21 Comments

  1. I’ll cross post this to a couple of inner city job boards.

    Let’s see how many of them he turns down for not fitting the image he wants to project.

  2. Hiring Acorn next??

    This guy is getting spooky.

    Liking Wilbrandt more and more.

  3. Ha – not surprised he has to pay people to support him.

    Didnt he also pay to have some Chicago Democrat collecting signatures for him to get on the primary ballot, and then it turned out they werent technically supposed to have counted since they guy was collecting signatures for Democrat candidates, too?

    Seems like he has a handle on the inner workings of the corrupt political world.

  4. Chicago Dems circulate his petitions.

    Chicago political action committee finances his campaign

    claims to be in it to fight Chicago politics.

    The irony is staggering!

  5. He want’s it bad, he sucks up to way to many long serving gov dudes.

    Red flags at full mast.

  6. What kind of knockers can you get for $5,400.00 and how many?

    Does the price for knockers differ depending on geography?

    In other words, would knockers cost more in Cook County then let’s say Kane or McHenry county?

    Cal, more information on this subject would be appreciated.

    Skillicorn should first confirm whether paying for knockers is a legal campaign tactic in Illinois?

    I know some politicians in the past have gotten themselves in some trouble when it is disclosed they paid for knockers while running for public office and sometimes even before.

    I think paying for knockers in Nevada is legal even for a candidate; maybe it would be prudent if Skillicorn began looking for suitable numbers of knockers in Nevada first.

    Better yet it might be prudent for Skillicorn to shy away from paying for knockers altogether until the race is over.

    On further thought, an attractive candidate with an ounce of personality should be able to find a sufficient number of knockers in his own district to meet his or her needs.

    Why would anyone vote for a candidate who has to pay for knockers when so many of those who vote know how to get them for free.

    Given Skillicorn’s propensity to use campaign money in this wasteful fashion, how can I trust him with my tax dollars.

    Skillicorn is not for me.

    Now if Skillicorn got Dan Proft’s PAC to pay for all necessary knockers to meet his needs and allowed Joe Walsh to supervise them even firing them all up with one of his rah rah speeches, then maybe I would change my mind about Skillicorn.

    Cal, I hope once Skillicorn selects his group of knockers you will post of picture of them with a blog describing where Skillicorn found them and whether his experience with them was worth the price.

    These might help future candidates who consider going down this road.

    This is such an important subject which touches all political parties and gender and I we can all say we learned here first on the McHenry County blog.

  7. I was going to leave a snarky comment til I saw the one above.

    Well said. Hiring knickers is just gonna get you in trouble.

  8. What’s the age requirement?

    Might be a good job for high school or college kids, depending on the particulars.

  9. PACs of both parties, unions PACs, etc. have paid for various types of campaign assistance for candidate elections and referendums.

    Here is one of many examples.

    Illinois Review
    Rauner campaign to pay volunteers to walk Cook County precincts
    August 4, 2014

    The Illinois State Board of Elections has campaign expenditures rules and reporting guidelines.

  10. Why are people so hostile about Skillicorn’s support from Proft PAC?

    Don’t they support the Turnaround Agenda and a lot of the red meat that conservatives desire?

    Proft and Skillicorn held an event in Huntley about the Turnaround Agenda and it was attended by a lot of Republicans.

    To say he’s in with a Chicago PAC with the implication that it’s no better than a liberal PAC is strange, especially if you agree with Proft.

    I guess what I’m saying is all PACs aren’t created equal, but maybe other people see it as a liability and don’t want a state rep connected to any PAC.

    It’s not my district so I don’t give this race as much thought as others who do live in the district might.

    Maybe someone else can add to why they view his connection to Proft’s PAC as a bad thing.

  11. It would appear that Joe does not listen to Dan on WIND.

  12. Richard Uihlein also gave $7,500 to the anti-Trump super pac.

  13. At Knowledge Voter, I don’t follow Dan religiously but I know he’s ran for Governor, has a show on conservative talk radio, and he works for Illinois Opportunity Project which is a free market think tank.

    Is there something alarming about what he says on his radio shows?

    I’ve only ever heard him defend Rauner and criticize Madigan, speak in favor or lower spending and not raising taxes, fixing the pension mess, etc.

  14. Nothing like a little ‘Free Market’ capitalism to bring the Trolls out to play on Cal’s blog. Just the mere thought of people actually doing some kind of work and getting paid for it seems to be too much to endure.

  15. Joe: You may want to research Dan Proft’s involvement with the Town of Cicero.

    It’s not that Proft is all bad, I just do not trust him.

    Just like when Jack Roeser gave candidates money, strings were attached – what strings are attached to Proft money?

    I support Paul Serwatka 100 % because I know I can trust him to keep working for me – the taxpayer. I cannot trust the other three.

  16. Fair enough, and thanks for commenting with a link too by the way.

    For the record, I’d prefer Allen or Paul to Dan or Carolyn.

    Both of these guys fight for smaller government.

  17. I can’t see how using his politcal patron’s cash to pay for supporters could possibly lead to any kind of corrupt actions or behavior –

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