Daily Herald Rolls Out Endorsements for County Board Districts 2 & 3

The Daily Herald has published its endorsements for three McHenry County Board districts.

  • For District 1, Yvonne Barnes and Anna May Miller
  • For District 2, John Reinert and Jeff Thorsen
  • For District 3, Nancy Gonsiorek and Nick Provenzano


Daily Herald Rolls Out Endorsements for County Board Districts 2 & 3 — 9 Comments

  1. Anna Miller is a DISASTER – Her and her family members make huge money off of the taxpayer.

    Vote for Barnes and Eilbeck.

  2. Vote for Wilbeck and Barnes or just Barnes or just Wilbeck.

    If you vote for the other one, you deserve the higher taxes she always votes for.

    The residents of all the other Districts are requesting the support of the voters in D-1 to end her reign at MCDOT!

  3. they way you wonderful people write u will vote for miller. thank u

  4. An endorsement of any candidate by the owner of this blog would carry 100 times the weight of any Herald endorsement!

  5. Does Cal DO endorsements?

    I’ve never seen that.

    The Herald is a disgrace.

    I seriously think they flip a coin.

    Congrats Dist. 2, the coin got it right for the Herald in this case.

  6. A issue that has come up recently is County Board members pay and benefits.

    Many believe the county board job is a part time job, kind of indicated by the pay level, and think the board members should not be given any benefits.

    When questioned questioned by me many times on this blog about whether our Co board members do a part of full time job, Tom Wilbeck wouldn’t answer directly.

    He indicated he would work full time but Waltzed on whether benefit were part of the game. In fact he may take the health care offered, yet to be determined publicly.

    Transparency is a issue with Tom Wilbeck, your’s is fine, his not so much.

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