Mike Ditka Calling for Casey Urlacher — 7 Comments

  1. Oh boy.

    Must think getting the Coach involved will save his campaign.

    He’s got nothing else to offer.

    I wouldn’t mind talking to Ditka tho.

  2. It’s going to take more than an an endorsement from DA-coach to turn Springfield around.

    I guess it’s safe to say that McLaughlin’s opponents are feeling the heat!

    Voters know better, and will vote for the most qualified and experienced candidate.

    That is Martin McLaughlin hands down!!

  3. What is relevant is Dan McConchie’s job background which neither Dan McConchie himself or anyone else wants to discuss including the author of this blog.

    What is relevant is Dan McConchie’s refusal to fill in the Daily Herald questionaire relating to his work.

    What is relevant is Dan McConchie’s LinkedIn being recently changed removing “Lobbyst” from it.

    Walsh, Proft or Duffy must of called him and said this is bad for business.

    What is relevant is that I knew more about Barack O’Bama’s background that I do about Dan McConchie.

    In this regard, I wish Christine Meyer would share the “homework” she did on this “conservative”, “who fights the good fight”.

    You see the “Walsh-Proft” contingency use “political slogans and pap” to describe Dan McConchie becuase if they provided you specifics about Dan McConchie you would learn he has little or nothing in knowledge in the form of business, managaing budgets, pensions or general knowledge other than his single policy making issue, the electorate would be horrified at Dan McConchie’s lack of experience and bare resume.

    What skill Dan McConchie does have as a lobbyst is the ability to access money from opportunists like Dan Proft,for this what a lobbyst does “obtain access” to those masters who pay him.

    Christine, feel free to chime in with specifics and not feel good McHenry County Republican slogans. By the way when you say Dan McConchie is a oonservative, is that a “Goldwater conservative”, “Reagan Conservative”, “NeoConservative”, “McHenry County Conservative” or just a “Real Conservative”.

    I would like to know what type of conservative the electorate may be buying.

    Time to put meat on those bones when describing Dan McConchie.

    How about it Cal, you have told everyone on this blog all about Martin McLaughlin even allowing a missive from the Dark Prince of Barrington Hills.

    Isn’t it time we learn about who Dan McConchie really is . . . ?

  4. Dan McConchie as a state senatorial candidate is a mystery to me as well.

    Despite reading material on him, I am uncertain of what he stands for.

    What will he do in Springfield?

    How will he solve the pension crisis?

    Does he have any managerial experience on financial pensions?

    Throwing money from PAC’s against your opponents appears to me not to be a strategy for solving Springfield’s budget problems.

    The sheep mailing simply doesn’t convince me that you are some to be trusted with our financial problems.

    In fact it does just the opposite, sorry but you haven’t really given me any reasons to vote for you!

    I’m going to vote for Martin McLaughlin, he has the endorsements, and the education and I believe an outsider might be the answer for our troubles downstate.

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