Schofield’s TV Ad

While “The Middle” was on between 8 and 8:30 last night, I caught part of Carolyn Schofield’s television ad.

It consisted of a series of slides with captions and a voice over.

The first I caught showed a picture of Schofield and McHenry County Board Chairman Joe Gottemoller:

Carolyn Schofield claims to have saved $23 million.

Carolyn Schofield claims to have saved $23 million, not to mention having “stopped tax hikes.”

The second slide I saw talks of “Innovative job programs”:

Jobs is Carolyn Schofield's pitch on this slide.

Jobs is Carolyn Schofield’s pitch on this slide.

The next slide is also about jobs:

Carolyn Schofield says she helped families get back to work.

Carolyn Schofield says she “helped families get back to work” on this slide.

The final slide

Carolyn Schofield has "the experience to get things moving again," the final slide says.

Carolyn Schofield has “the experience to get things moving again,” the final slide says.  It identifies her as “State Representative,”


Schofield’s TV Ad — 7 Comments

  1. Would like to know what jobs were created.

    Since when does government create jobs outside of itself??

  2. Pretty Pathetic!

    “Experience to get Illinois Moving Again”?

    Yeah moving to the nearest neighboring states!

  3. Allen Skillicorn had an ad on t.v. last night on TNT.

    It popped up while I was watching a crime show.

  4. People with any integrity or self respect left have already shut off their teevees.

  5. I’ve been riding the fence on this race.

    That said, I knew Carolyn was not a contender.

    and I say that as a woman, myself.

    She’s very nice, she’s very pretty, and she may have been in politics longer than the others, but I can’t see how she feels she belongs in the trenches of Springfield.

    Recent news articles showing some disturbing endorsements and even more disturbing and quite substantial contributions, to both she and Mr. Skillicorn made it even easier to eliminate them both.

    Today, I read this Northwest Herald article and my decision was made.

    There is no more evidence of a candidate who truly means to serve the people.

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