Discussion of County Union Contracts in Finance Committee

The minutes of the Finance and Audit Committee for February 11, 2016, tells of consideration of two proposed union contracts.

Both were passed by the full County Board last Tuesday.

Resolution Authorizing a Contract Agreement Between the International Union of Operating Engineers, Local 150, Public Employees Division, Facilities Department and the County of McHenry

Roll calls on the union contracts.

Roll calls on the union contracts.

They have removed overtime from comp time, personnel time and bereavement time. The wage  increases negotiated are 1% for the first year and 2% for the second and third years of the contract.

After all the benefits are calculated, that will equate to 1.5%, 2% and 2%, which includes the IMRF calculations.

Mr. Hadley informed the committee members the department has a good relationship with the members of this unit.

Mr. [Larry] Smith questioned what the concern was for not passing the Facilities Committee. The committee members were informed that this was a philosophical vote as the members voting no did not feel they should vote yes on a contract for Local 150 when they are engaged in a lawsuit with the County.

It was questioned what would happen if this committee did not approve this contract and it does not pass at the County Board. They were informed the union could file an unfair labor practice since this contract was negotiated in good faith.

Mr. [Peter] Austin stated from a management perspective they achieved what was desired in this contract and it has already been ratified by the union. It was stated they would like to see the other issue resolved prior to the approval of this contract. The committee members were reminded this involves two separate issues and they all need to just vote on the merits of the contract.

Ms. [Yvonne] Barnes requested, in the future, that all legal costs associated with the contract negotiations be included within the committee packets for review.

MOVER: Larry W Smith
SECONDER: Michael Skala
AYES: Skala, Barnes, Heisler, Smith
NAYS: Wheeler
ABSENT: Provenzano
AWAY: McCann

Resolution Authorizing a Contract Agreement Between the Service Employees International Union, Local 73 Division of Veterinary Public Health and the County of McHenry

Ms. Chukwu and Mr. Hill joined the committee members for presentation of the above resolution.
This contract was one of the most difficult to negotiate. The County was able to get the desired
amendments for the sub-contracts.

The contract includes changes of staff time. In the past the more experienced personnel worked Monday through Friday. The less experienced staff was then required to cover the weekend hours.

The contract requires that the experienced staff work on the weekends as well in order to assist the less experienced staff.

There are no guarantee of overtime hours. The contract includes wage increases of 2.25 percent for each of the four years from 2014 to 2018.

Ms. Barnes requested an explanation regarding what the contract means if services should be privatized? She stated the contract now makes this process allowable and makes the process more clear.

They would be required to provide a 90 day notice is this should occur though the County would have to negotiate the process which could result in some severance payments.

They could also provide staff information to the new vendor. We would negotiate the terms of the terminations.

Concern was voiced since there are a room full of people here concerned with possible changes to Animal Control. It was stated the County continues to look at ways to provide services in a different way.

The County went out for a RFP (Request for Proposal) about six years ago to allow for pet adoptions elsewhere. There were no responses to this request. The County still believes it would be difficult to get a vendor to take on this service. Privatization has occurred in other areas of the County including in housekeeping and for certain services at Valley Hi. The security in the Administration building is provided by a private vendor as well.

The contract was passed by the Board of Health and the Public Health and Human Services Committee. It did not pass at the Human Resource Committee.

MOVER: Larry W Smith
SECONDER: James Heisler
AYES: Skala, Barnes, Heisler, Smith, Wheeler
ABSENT: Provenzano
AWAY: McCann


Discussion of County Union Contracts in Finance Committee — 4 Comments

  1. Here is the collective bargaining agreement section of the county website.


    http://www.co.mchenry.il.us > County Government > Departments A – I > Human Resources > Collective Bargaining Agreements.

    As you can see the URL is similar to the path, which allows for a better understanding of how the website is set up if one only has the URL.


    The current contract was for July 2012 – November 2015.


    File name: Local150FacilitiesJuly2012.pdf


    The previous contract was for December 2008 – June 2012.


    File name: Local150FacilitiesDec2008J.pdf


    Once again since the rank and file union members are allowed to vote on the collective bargaining agreement before it is approved, the taxpayers should also be allowed to vote on the collective bargaining agreement before it is approved.

    At the very least the taxpayers should be allowed a grace period to view and comment on the agreement before the board votes on the agreement.

    Time to level the playing field.

    The taxpayers are getting the short end of the negotiating stick right now.

  2. @TheNob, I was unable to attend that committee meeting.

    However, I voted no at the Facility Committee for Maintenance workers in 150.

    I also voted no to both of them at the full County board meeting as the image to the right clearly showed.

    That’s the only vote that is binding.

    Your real question should have been, who voted to give pay raises several times the cost of living and significantly greater than the cost of living raises our military received or even our seniors – who received zero cost of living increase.

    Cost of living is less than 1/2 of 1%.

    With the levy flat for three years and cut by $3m this year where does the money to cover pay raises come from?

    Do we cut services to pay for employee raises?

    Ask that of the board members who voted for the raises…

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