Anna May Miller Mailing

Here’s a mailing I just found among my abundant emails.

It’s on behalf of McHenry County Board incumbent Anna May Miller’s re-election:

The address side of Anna Miller's first mailing.

The address side of Anna Miller’s first mailing.

The back of Anna May Miller's first County Board mailing.

The back of Anna May Miller’s first County Board mailing.

= = = = =
If someone will send me a more readable version of the Miller mailing, I’ll be happy to post it.


Anna May Miller Mailing — 2 Comments

  1. I can’t tell if there is a paid for on this mailer.

    If so, Anna May is smarter than Cowlin.

    He’s a judge so obviously he didn’t need to comply with the law.

    However, I never understand why anybody with a mug like Anna May’s would put her picture on the mailing.

    Perhaps she has an over inflated perception of herself.

    That may be why she was committed.

    Does anyone know which sanitarium she is committed?

    This is another politician that talks about experience.

    We know she is experienced at working the system.

    Everyone remember her daughter working with Judge Chmiel to call in family favors.

    Bob Anderson raised valid concerns that Anna May was using county letterhead for her political activities.

    Her defense before the old guard “Ethics” Commission was other politicians did it.

    Anna May also voted on township consolidation when her husband is a township road commissioner.

    Oh there is that experience in working the system.

    So there you have it a truthful mailing, Anna May is concerned about herself, committed to herself, experienced in working the system and highly qualified to manipulate the system for herself.

  2. So, I get that you believe that Millers, etc should not run for the same office for as long as they have.

    YOU are a person who is for term limits.

    Good for you.

    But why not just push for term limits to reduce corruption, complacency, kronism (to mention a few bad government tendencies)?

    Why do have to personal about her looks?

    Do you say that about men?

    And speaking about men…you will not find a more honest hard working judge than Cowlin.

    He made a common mistake, one people who are newbies to the political arena often make.

    Be for term limits.

    Be for transparency.

    Why be a jerk?

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