NWH Endorses Martin McLaughlin for State Senator

Martin McLaughlin

Martin McLaughlin

The Northwest Herald has weighed in on its choice for the man to replace State Senator Dan Duffy.

It’s Barrington Hills Village President Martin McLaughlin.

Here’s what the Editorial Board wrote:

“In this race, we believe McLaughlin’s pension background would be an asset.

“While we generally support Gov. Rauner’s Turnaround Agenda, we believe lawmakers must have an independent voice.

“Given the amount of political action committee money being spent in support of McConchie, we question how beholden he’d be to Rauner and the PACs supporting him. We endorse McLaughlin.”


NWH Endorses Martin McLaughlin for State Senator — 2 Comments

  1. Get Ready Springfield….

    Martin’s three for three now on endorsements from the major newspapers.

    Forget the sheep, a political tsunami by the name of Martin McLaughlin is arriving soon at the doors of the state house.

    And Springfield will never be the same!

    He will save our state, and breathe life back to our beloved
    state of Illinois.
    Please support this intelligent newcomer, he deserves to be elected, he has the whole package.


  2. Glenn, I hope you’re a Precinct Committeeman who can help him cross the finish line!

    The last thing we need is Democrat Urlacher.

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