Robo-Call Goes After PAC Support of McConchie

A Friend of McHenry County Blog sent in the following report about a robo-call Monday night:

“I received a RoboCall last night on my machine. Here’s the content, best as I could get it.

Hi this is Carrie (?).

Like you, I’ve been getting these negative mailings.

Martin McLaughlin

Casey Urlacher

McLaughlin looking left talking 2-4-16

Martin McLaughlin

Did you know that the PAC’s behind these mailings have spent over half a million dollars supporting Chicago Democrats in 2016?

And now they’re lying about Republican candidates, Martin McLaughlin and Casey Urlacher.

Don’t fall for the lies.

Dan McConchie

Dan McConchie

They are trying to cover up for the fact that Dan McConchie is a Lobbyist being backed by Chicago Democrat Special Interest Groups.Maybe that’s why Dan McConchie doesn’t support term limits.

When you vote, say no to Chicago-style politics.

Say no to Lobbyist Dan McConchie.

“[My answering machine cut off after the “to opt out” line, so I couldn’t catch the name of the “Paid for by…”]”

= = = = =
Another view of the robo-call comes from Dan Krucek, Chairman of Illinois Restoration PAC:

Attached is the audio of a robocall by Karen Trzaska, a supporter of Martin McLaughlin, that was sent to the 26th District last night accusing the “PACs” who have sent the “mailings” of “lying” about the voting and donation record of Martin McLaughlin and Casey Urlacher. It was paid for by a new PAC called Committee for Bold Leadership In Illinois, chaired by McLaughlin allies.

This call is full of lies and misleading claims about me, my PAC and Dan McConchie, a 20-year conservative public policy expert.

For the record, there have been two mailers sent on this subject – one by my PAC, Illinois Restoration PAC and one by Liberty Principles PAC

First of all, our statements about the voting and donation records of both McLaughlin and Urlacher stand uncontested. Attached is our mailer that hit this weekend on the records of all candidates. All the evidence we have put online for anyone to see at:

In regards to last night’s call, it attempts to say that Dan McConchie is a Democrat because our groups have invested $500,000 supporting “Chicago Democrats.” In regards to my PAC, this is a lie. I have done nothing of the sort. We have only invested in the 26th District race so far and put some info about some other Republican candidates on our website

Liberty Principles PAC is supporting two Democrats in Chicago primaries – the primary opponent to Speaker Mike Madigan, Jason Gonzolas, and Ken Dunkin, the Democrat who has essentially declared independence from Madigan. The characterization that Liberty Principles PAC is in bed with Democrats because they are working to end Mike Madigan’s reign is both misleading and laughable.

The fact that Martin McLaughlin and his allies have yet to refute the clear evidence we have posted online and are resorting to shrill attacks on a good man, Dan McConchie, is a sign that they have reached a point of desperation and are uncomfortable in the light of the truth. According to an ABC7 questionnaire, McLaughlin says, “I will not be running negative ads as part of my campaign.” Then he should publicly disavow these scurrilous lies from his allies against me, my PAC, and a good conservative Republican, Dan McConchie..

Dan Krucek, Chairman – Illinois Restoration PAC

The robo-call:

Hi –

This is Karen Trzaska.

Like you, I’ve been getting these negative mailings.

Did you know that the packs behind these mailings have spent over half a million dollars supporting Chicago democrats in 2016. And now they’re lying about our Republican candidates.

Martin McLaughlin and Casey Urlacher.

Don’t fall for the lies.

They’re trying to cover up for the fact that Dan McConchie is a lobbyist being backed by Chicago democrat special interest groups.

Maybe that’s why Dan McConchie doesn’t support term limits.

When you vote say no to Chicago style politics say no to lobbyist Dan McConchie.

Press five to opt out of future calls paid for by committee for bold leadership in Illinois.


Robo-Call Goes After PAC Support of McConchie — 11 Comments

  1. Hi Dan,

    Desperation is a political group playing “cut and paste” with farm animals…..right?

    Desperation is the 7th grade designed mailer sent by adults to humiliate and shame decent, honest men that placed themselves in the bulls eye of the Red Ryder bb gun that this desperate group is taking these crack shots with.

    Who is desperate Dan?

    Be careful or you’ll shoot your eye out.


    We don’t any more lobbyist backed by special interest money going to Springfield.


    Unlike McLaughlin who supports term limits and has vowed to donate any pension money he may receives to charity, Dan McConchie does NOT support term limits.


    Because he wants to be a career politician, not someone going to Springfield to make a difference for a set period and then get out!

    It is sad and ironic to see Dan Duffy—who ran against the system and vowed to term limit himself—to now want to play “kingmaker” and try to crown his successor. The irony is that he wants to crown McConchie and not McLaughlin.

    If anything, McLaughlin has more in common with Duffy than his opponent.

    Duffy, at minimum should have stayed neutral and allowed the citizens of the 26th District to decide who best represents them?

    He has tarnished his reputation with this move.

    ALSO…what have special interest groups promised Duffy, Dan Proft (Liberty Pac) and even Joe Walsh?

    Money for a future political bid?

    All three of have thrown your weight behind a career lobbyist with no experience whatsoever.

    Compare McLaughlin’s track record of reform in Barrington Hills to McConchie’s.

    Even the three newspapers that have interviewed all three candidates have arrived at the same conclusion…”McLaughlin is the most qualified.”

    So tell me….

    Why would these three not back McLaughlin?

    Why would they attack him?

    He has successfully practiced what they preach.

    Something stinks here.

    It looks like three politicians are getting greased here.

    Is it any surprise that they have tried to paint McLaughlin as a democrat?

    A ridiculous assertion.

    Typical Chicago-style politics.

    Voters need to reject these shameful tactics and reject McConchie.

    We need to send a REAL reformer who can help Rauner, not one more lobbyist wanting to stick his hand in the state cookie jar for the next 20 years.


    An Angry 26th District Voter

  3. In endorsing Martin McLaughlin today, I think the Northwest Herald sums it up nicely after trumpeting Martin McLaughlin’s municipal and proven work experience with a plan for pension reform different from those being tabled by Governor Rauner saying:

    “Given the amount of political action committee money being spent in support of McConchie, we question how beholden he’d be to . . . the PACS.”

    Can anyone say Dan Proft.

    I believe McLaughlin has now run the table on all Newspaper endorsements.

    As I said in a recent prior comment on this blog, the negativity and mud slinging from political team McConchie will only intensify.

    Barrington Hills Prince of Darkness, time to sharpen your pencil.

    This is what happends when you have a candidate that lacks credentials and ideas being supported by deep pocketed PAC money.

  4. The 26th State Senate District Republican Primary candidates:

    – Dan McConchie, Hawthorn Woods, VP Government Affairs for Americans United for Life,

    – Martin McLaughlin, Barrington, Managing Director at ASB Investment Management

    – Casey Urlacher, Mettawa, Business Development Director for Englewood Construction & Mettawa Village President


    The 26th district includes portions of McHenry, Lake, and Cook counties. > Candidates > Running of Office > Maps and Description > 2011 Senate Maps and Descriptions > 2011 Senate District 26


    Regarding pensions, since the benefits were hiked while pensions were already underfunded, and since pensions are unaffodable, Tier I benefits need to be scaled back (Tier II is for those beginning their career January 1, 2011 or after and have reduced benefits).

    The sooner we do that the better, the less pain for everyone.

    That requires a state constitutional amendment to repeal in its entirety the pension sentence added to the state constitution on December 15, 1970.

    That’s the conversation we need to have.

    Nibbling around the corners just prevents real reform and will result in hiked taxes and cut services while unsustainable benefits remain intact, siphoning money away from other causes and hindering economic growth.

    The consequences of hiked benefits to underfunded pensions is very damaging on many fronts.

    The benefits should not have been hiked while pensions were underfunded.

    The focus should have been on fully funding pensions at existing benefit levels, then hiking benefits if it was affordable.


    Regarding Dan Proft and Liberty Principles PAC, you can get an idea for Proft’s viewpoints on the weekday radio show Chicago’s Morning Answer on AM 560 on which he is a co-host, there are archived episodes on at

    And his views can also be distilled from interviews and snippets on the YouTube Upstream Ideas channel:

  5. I didn’t know Dan Proft and Libery Principles PAC were running for 26th District Senate Seat?

    What is candidate, Dan McConchie’s proposed solution to pension crisis?

    Mark, are you saying Dan Proft, Liberty Principles PAC and Dan McConchie are interchangeable, one in the same coin and if we elect Dan McConchie voters are lso electing Dan Proft and Liberty PAC to this same IL Senate seat.

    Sort of like when we elected Bill, we got Hillary and now potentially vice versa!

    Confused, please expound.

  6. Shrill? I know it’s a little soft but c’mon now….

    Sigh…OK, let’s repeat. Martin McLaughlin has voted Republican in each and every election since he cast his first vote for Reagan back in 1984.

    And as for the PAC support – The latest endorsement for Martin from the Herald clearly echoes this very real concern over a single issue lobbyist candidate being beholden to a SuperPacs.

    You can create as many as you want but they are all primarily controlled by the same people and Liberty is not the only PAC supporting McConchie that has given to Democrats now or in the past.

    Dan Duffy’s very own PAC has supported democrats in the past and is supported by democratic donors.

    The hypocrisy is resounding and I stand by my call.

  7. Martin McLaughlin’s record of Republicanism is better than mine, I never voted for George Ryan for IL secretary of state or Governor or for Mark Kirk for that matter, and I voted for Democrat, Dan Hines because he wanted to consolidate state offices and Judy Baar did not.

    Does this mean I am a Democrat as well. . .

    I guesst this does not make me a good “McHenry County Conservative” because I exercised free choice away from the party.

    I will let you in on another secret I will never vote for Rubio either, I will stay home.

  8. The Northwest Herald’s endorsement for Martin McLaughlin is absolutely correct.

    Dan McConchie is and has been beholden to these super PAC”s, and that trend shows no indication of slowing down.

    As to desperation in the McLaughlin campaign, it appears that the McConchie camp is feeling the heat resorting to sheep mailings.

    It is a sad commentary when our state house can be purchased for the right price.

    Karen Trzaska is a concerned, devoted village resident who answers the call to action for good people and good causes.

    The campaign of Martin McLaughlin.

    As a resident, we are proud when one of our own is willing to step up and inform the electorate of the facts and correct the distortions. T

    hank you Karen!

    To the victor go the spoils.

  9. **Regarding pensions, since the benefits were hiked while pensions were already underfunded, and since pensions are unaffodable, Tier I benefits need to be scaled back …That requires a state constitutional amendment to repeal in its entirety the pension sentence added to the state constitution on December 15, 1970.**



    You do know that if you changed the constitution, it would only impact future employees and not current employees, right?

    And no future employees would be receiving tier 1 pensions.

    It’s amazing how you act like you know all about pensions, but can be so wrong so often.

  10. Why do you have Martin McLaughlins name under Casey Urlachers picture?

    Just sayin…

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