Woodstock City Councilman Mike Turner Supports Tina Hill for Recorder

Mike Turner

Mike Turner in Lakewood.

I read in the February 23, 2016, Northwest Herald a letter to the editor in which Woodstock City Councilman Mike Turner endorses McHenry County Board member Tina Hill for Recorder of Deeds.

He praises Hill for being “a small government Republican with a business-focused mindset and experience,” as well as “an innovative leader.”

Turner criticizes Joe Tirio, but not by name, for wanting to combine “the Recorder’s functions into one big bureaucracy.”

The Recorder’s Office currently has twenty-four employees and eight supervisors.

Turner was the spokesman for the Lakewood SportsPlex and advocate for replacing grass on the Woodstock High School football field with artificial turf.


Woodstock City Councilman Mike Turner Supports Tina Hill for Recorder — 2 Comments

  1. Of course Turner criticizes Tirio because Tirio is part of -Voters In Action- and they’re govt watch dogs, criticizing Turner for many of his stunts on the city council by calling him out on pushing artificial turf at a 100 yr. old High School, and using some of Woodstock’s funds to do it!

    Sidewalks are in dangerously poor condition, there are promised projects that aren’t getting completed and yet Turner and his cronies are giving city money away to ‘writing clubs’, loaning the Chamber thousands, and picking and choosing winners of monetary gifts from the city.

    And lets not forget the latest ‘Special Census’ scheme this city council is trying to push to get “Home Rule” so they can tax more.

    If Turner is endorsing Hill it can only mean that she’s a Tax & Spend politician just like he is!

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