MCC Wants Beer & Wine to Train Students

To be considered at the Thursday night meeting of the McHenry County College Board is a proposal to apply for a beer and wine liquor license for culinary students.

Here are the details:

The Culinary Management department of the Education, Career and Technical Education division request approval to purchase an annual Class 19 Temporary Liquor License at $20 per three day period for the purposes of serving beer and wine during the spring semester in the MCC’s student-run restaurant, Slàinte.

The estimated start date for the license would be approximately April 6, 2016.

All of the students in the restaurant class currently receive Beverage Alcohol Sellers and Servers Education and Training (BASSET) at the start of the spring semester.

During the BASSET course, students learn about the effects of blood alcohol content, signs of impairment, how to monitor customer’s intake of alcohol, and when it is appropriate to intervene.

In addition, students learn about current state laws as they relate to alcohol service and valid identification and procedures, when working with the public.

If the Board grants approval to request a permit to sell beer and wine on campus, it would be possible for the Culinary Management department to serve alcohol for College-related special events.

At no time would the College serve alcohol at an event without prior Board approval to do so.

The College would seek approval for each individual event.

The breakdown of cost for an annual Class 19 Temporary Liquor License (beer and wine only) is as follows:
MCC beer + wine costsThe complete cost to start alcohol service in 2016 at the College is $3,610.00 with an annual renewal process, of $1,580.00.

The license is for beer and wine service only on premises, no other liquor will be served and there will be no “package” sales.

Slàinte operates Wednesday and Thursday nights from 6:30-8 p.m. during the spring semester, and alcohol service will contextualize the students’ educational experience of their BASSET training.

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This was taken off the agenda at the February 25, 2016, meeting at the request of President Cliff Gabbard.


MCC Wants Beer & Wine to Train Students — 2 Comments

  1. Sure, why not!

    A quarter of the ‘students’ at McHenry County’s glorified High School, MCC, are illegal aliens.

    give ’em a sirloin steak every day along w/ ice cream cones.

    It’s a beautiful world for the little darlings who still can’t add and think English written script is a foreign language … but not for the poor taxpayers who have to front these silly demands.

  2. This item was removed from the agenda.

    The culinary students go thru BASSET training as part of their culinary education. (Beverage Alcohol Sellers and Servers Education)

    Each individual event would have to have board approval to serve beer/wine.

    Craft beers and local wines would be served while learning to work with the alcohol and the public.

    Slainte Restaurant is the College Culinary restaurant averages 22 operational days, with an estimated revenue of $150/night.

    Beer & Wine sales would bring in $3300. annually.

    But the Agenda item was removed and more info is coming.

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