Kenosha New Police Chief from Within

The Kenosha News reported Friday that “the Kenosha Police and Fire Commission selected current Deputy Chief Daniel Miskinis as chief of the Kenosha Police Department.”

Woodstock’s Andrew Zinke, Sheriff Keith Nygren’s Undersheriff, was one of three finalists in the six-month search.


Kenosha New Police Chief from Within — 11 Comments

  1. Our signs are already made and pitchforks will come out of retirement if Sager BEGINS to consider Zinke for hire!

  2. There may be some crossing guard openings in the fall in Woodstock too.

    I’m sure they have a uniform allowance.

    Not sure if they give you a big SUV with free gas and insurance though.

  3. The people of Woodstock best prepare for some non violent protest if the City even considers Andy Zinke for hire.

    Geez, I thought for sure we got rid of him.

  4. You called the hardest workers disgruntled, poor performers. You told Deputies their votes didn’t matter because it only totaled 80+, and you bullied secretaries. Everything happening to you is your own fault.

  5. Zinke can apply for a management position with the U.S.P.S. at

    His “style” of management would fit in well there.

    Good luck.

  6. Zgone,

    “Everything happening to you is your own fault”

    His arrogance is a symptom of a much bigger issue.

    Andy needs to go off into the sunset and find something besides law enforcement. He’s not a good fit.

  7. For all of the grave dancers, perhaps Andy has paid a big enough price at this point.

    His wife is still on administrative leave. (That’s when you have a great job that pays you money to not go to work because you’re under criminal investigation – only in Illinois)

    His employment is substantially below what he previously made as undersheriff.

    He still has kids to feed.

    For the pitch fork crowd how bout you all say positive things here to ensure he winds up with a decent job.

    Even if that job is in Timbuktu.

    I sincerely hope he gets a job in a sheriff office outside McHenry Co.

    So let’s all get together to say something nice!

  8. He has hurt a lot of people, including families.

    They have some bitterness, sure.

    Some of them are STILL paying a price for his actions. Easier for non victims to “be nice about it”.

    I hope he gets a job and takes care of his kids, but NOT IN LAW ENFORCEMENT.

    He is one that should not have that kind of power.

  9. Zinke would be perfect for Woodstock-but I am happy that, unlike the local sheriff’s department, THEY promoted from within; just the correct way to motivate your deputies and upper command.

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