A Miller Comments on Election

Here is a letter from Christina Miller Anderson:

Dear Cary residents:

I am one of the Millers that you have been hearing about.  There are a few people in the area with agendas that have already formed opinions about our family.  This letter is not for them:-).  This is to all of the newer families who have decided, like myself, to live and raise a family here.  I would like to give you a chance to know our family before forming an opinion.

I am very proud of this town.  My great grandfather was Mayor of Fox River Grove.  Lake Julian used to be his gravel pit.  Like my father and grandmother, I grew up here.  Growing up we were always told to be appreciative of what we have, and I am. I am blessed to be able to live where I live. I have watched Cary grow from a quaint, rural town into a developed town trying to maintain that small-town feel.  We have a great community who comes together in many respects.  Unfortunately, election season is not one of those times.

There are people who have said very negative things about one of the oldest families in the town.  Mine. I can’t sit around anymore and listen to these lies.  We are not corrupt.  Living in a small town you get to know people.  Lots of people.  That doesn’t make us corrupt.  We are all active members of this community and have built a lot of relationships in the process.  Nobody owes us anything.

My brother and I went to Saints Peter and Paul. During that time my parents were actively involved in their fundraisers and Bingo.  I had such a great experience at SSPP that my husband and I have decided to send our kids there.  It is exciting to me that my children will walk those same halls and that I get to tell them I went to the same school.  I also feel quite blessed to have my extended family living so close, yet this is often painted in a negative light by a select few.               

My father owns a business here (Lake Julian Contracting). He is an active member of the Cary Grove Rotary.  He was one of the founders of the Cary Winter Farmer’s market and has been an advocate for the Rotary to take on the Summer Market as well.  He is a member of the Cary-Grove Chamber, happily volunteering his time at Cary Cruise Night and Main St Fest.  He is not corrupt.

My father has somebody running against him for a volunteer precinct committeemen position.  I have read such awful things written by her on Facebook and blogs about us.  Ms. Weinhammer does not know us, has never even met us.  She has formed her opinions by reading old newspaper articles and talking with some very negative people.  I think most people would agree you don’t get a newspaper article written unless there is some perceived controversy so Ms. Weinhammer’s approach is one-dimensional at best.  She provides one side of the story because it is in her best interest but also because that is all she knows.

My uncle (Bob Miller) was voted into his position.  I am so sick of hearing that because his father was highway commissioner that Bob got to be.  This is an ELECTED position and he does an amazing job at it.  I will never forget the outpouring of support from the community a few years ago when the same group of individuals were pushing to eliminate the Township.  Story after story came out from local residents about how Algonquin Township roads had the best snow removal service in the area, the best recycling center, and all sorts of programs and classes for people to take advantage of.  There is a reason that all the negativity you hear focuses on relationships rather than the effectiveness of the Algonquin Township and it is because he does a great job of using limited resources to help the community the best way he can.  He is not corrupt.

My Aunt (Anna May Miller) is running again for her spot on the County Board.  For some reason these extremist have it out for her. They are running with the words “transparency” and “communication” and all I am hearing is “AGENDA”.  Now I have no political or legal background.  But when people have an agenda what is the first thing that they try to do? Get rid of the ones who don’t agree. It’s sad really because the knowledge that my Aunt has gained over the years is very beneficial for the board.  She knows her history and is trying to do what she feels is best for the county.  She is not corrupt.

My Cousin (Rebecca Lee) has also decided to raise her family here.  She is an amazing attorney and an active member of this community.  She is not corrupt.

These people making cries about corruption are giving us more credit than we deserve.  We have no pull in this town I promise.  We are simply a large, local family that continues to work to improve our community.  In the process we build a lot of positive relationships.  The opposition is effectively doing the same thing, albeit through shared hatred, division, and negativity rather than positive relationships.     

Lake Julian is not corrupt.  We operate a local business.  The trout farm brings people into this town to come fishing.  We have menus to all the local restaurants to promote to visitors looking for breakfast/lunch/dinner options.  We have the veteran group put up their Memorial Day Honor Flags on our front hill.  It is a wonderful dedication that is perfectly placed for all to see.  They also hold their Honor Flight celebrations here with bands, food, and activities.  It is a great time and I would recommend more families attend. I think it is cool to have a trout farm in our town (I’m biased :), I know) There aren’t very many around anymore.  It’s a tourist attraction.  I encourage you all to come down to the Trout Farm this season when we open in April too!  Now all we need is some more businesses to come in and we will be set.

Since my grandmother has fallen ill I have chosen to operate the Trout farm for her.  I am not corrupt. I am however following in my grandmother’s footsteps.  Does that make me a bad person?  I look at this as an opportunity to try to get more activities/ options available to offer the town of Cary. I encourage you all to meet us.  I have small children who are getting to be school aged and I am excited to keep meeting people through their school and activities.  

Now I ask you, why would some people want to get rid of us? Don’t we want businesses in Cary? Don’t we want to give outsiders a reason to come to Cary?  Why would other businesses make Cary their home while we have people trying to overregulate and run businesses out of town?    

I would love for more businesses to come to Cary.  I have been personally emailing Woodman’s and Marianos to take a look at the old Craft Concrete lot (anything will do but it’s the perfect spot don’t you think? 🙂 ).  Cary needs businesses.  Cary does not need people pitting us against each other. In the end we all want the same things.  To have a great town.  So let’s try and work together and make Cary live up to its potential.

I will leave you with this.  Please, please, please don’t believe everything you read.  We are not bad people.  We care about this community just like all of you.


Christina Miller Anderson


A Miller Comments on Election — 17 Comments

  1. Looks like we have a family running scared!

    Everyone coming out of the woodworks to lay a sorrow defense… T

    he fed up voters can decide who will represent them.

  2. Shakespeare wrote “I think thou protest too much”.

    I will not profess to know much but I read in this blog and elsewhere that Rebecca Lee was involved in that dirty business getting private favors from Judge Chmiel to have “special court”.

    If you don’t think that’s corrupt, plenty of us regular folk think so.

    In this letter you said your cousin was “amazing.”

    So Amazing she’s working on Cowlin’s campaign and still spearing before him.

    Oh and that Aunt of yours, Anna May.

    She could care less about the people, she knew her husband Bob was the Township Hwy Commissioner yet she voted on highway consolidation.

    We regular people call that a conflict.

    Anna May’s big moral teaching was other people did it so it’s not a big deal if I do it.

    Is that what she taught you growing up?

    Because that’s, in essence, how Anna May responded to the ethics complaint.

    With all that Catholic education you have, did you learn about conflicts and how conflicts ought to be avoided?

    The people’s anger directed at the Millers in this race is a product of the conduct of the Millers.

    So go have a family reunion and complain about the truth being exposed.

  3. Thank you Christina!

    Great job of listing who we must NOT vote for.

    And one more thing:

    Richard Nixon was not a crook.

  4. Uh, Oh. Be careful about quoting Shakespeare. The COINTELPRO guy will accuse you of something.

  5. Rebecca is working on Cowlin’s campaign, just one more big fat red flag.

    The tax payers can put put a screeching halt to that gravy train, by casting their vote for Demetri.

    Vote Demetri.

  6. Seems like Cal has slanted this particular race towards the Millers. First there is a weak story about the Millers disregard for Cary’s sign rules and then the daughter of a candidate gets to mistate the facts. Must be nice to be a Miller and call favors in…but I digress

  7. Cal has been more than fair on this blog.

    He does not put rummors on here, only facts or he would of put the rummors on about the Sheriff’s dept resignation.

    The fact that Cal puts all factual info on this blog would tell you he is not bias for the Miller’s, rather he is against nepotism which is all any of us really have as proof they did something that is political suicide.

  8. Facts are fine, but rumors are not. If a candidate loses because they make mistakes, so ne it.

    If they lose becuase of false nonsense then the persons startimg the rumors or passing them on are even worst.

  9. Legend has it that LBJ, in one of his early congressional campaigns, told one of his aides to spread the story that Johnson’s opponent had sex with pigs.

    The aide responded

    “Christ, Lyndon, we can’t call the guy a pigf*cker. It isn’t true.”

    To which LBJ supposedly replied

    “Of course it ain’t true, but I want to make the SOB deny it.”

    If you have to deny that your family is corrupt, you’ve already lost.

  10. Wich statements were factual in this post?

    Let’s see, yep they own a trout farm,

    Otherwise the attacks on Weinhammer are baseless.

  11. Adeepthinkr,

    Weinhammer has meet the Millers?

    Conjecture by the writer, but not necessarily baseless.

    Weinhammer needs to read up more on the changes going on around the country more perhaps.

    I heard about the SCOTUS ruling right as they announced it and knew all political signs would be affected.

    Or somebody is giving her poor advice on how to throw rocks.

    Either way Dave Miller likes pushing the envelop.

  12. Christina, no one is critical of legitimate business owners. McHenry County needs more of them .

    What we don’t need is the Miller gang running Algonquin Township like their own family business.

    From the $390,000 they collect annually of taxpayer’s money to dumping a load illegally and your “awesome” cousin Rebecca using her influence (not legal expertise) to keep your dad out of jail, taxpayers are fed up.

    Anna Miller collects her money, votes against township consolidation, even though she has a huge conflict of interest (her $90,000 township salary) and gets away with it because it isn’t addressed in the County rules.

    Wouldn’t it have been refreshing if she had shown some spec of integrity and recused herself (as should have Gottmoeller) but that is not the Miller code.

    I won’t even get into Bob Miller or the fact that Rebecca is working for Cowlin.

    No conflict there whatsoever.

    It takes a lot to get people to act but all the years of Miller abuses of power might have finally done it.

    Christina, you used the word corrupt many times in your letter but it was hardly enough to cover what has gone on with the Millers.

    That’s just a fact you have to live with and it’s hardly something to defend or be proud of.

  13. Whatcher1940 gets a thumbs up!

    People are tired of Millerland or Millerworld.

    Wake up people, this family has to go..

  14. Anyone who doesn’t vote these people out at the next Township election deserves the “non-corruption” that they get –

  15. WOW!!!!!

    the millers have really upset this town, they should move out,

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