Barb Wheeler Endoses Members of Both GOP Factions

In a first for a legislator in McHenry County, unopposed State Rep. Barbara Wheeler has mailed out an endorsement piece.

While I reside in her district about as far south as one can live and still have her on my ballot, I have not received it yet.

A Friend of McHenry County Blog from McHenry, however, has scanned the direct mail piece and mailed it to me.

The endorsements are on the back of the post card.

The endorsements are on the back of the post card.  Patrick Kenneally and Craig Wilcox could be said to be on the Sandra Salgado side of the Republican Party, while Joe Gottemoller, Joni Smith, James Cowlin, Nancy Gonsiorek and Sue Draffkorn probably align with Mark Daniel, the man whom Salgado beat for the GOP Chairmanship two years ago.

Wheeler, Barb endorsements 2016 Primary address

Barbara Wheeler writes that she expects a Democratic Party opponent this fall, although has no GOP Primary Election opponent. She endorses Marco Rubio for President and is running as a delegate in Congressman Randy Hultgren’s district.


Barb Wheeler Endoses Members of Both GOP Factions — 15 Comments

  1. Wait, Rep Wheeler just doesn’t blindly offer her support because of which side of the local republican party a candidate comes from?

    She’s someone who actually looks at the candidate and their positions?


  2. She showed up at my doorstep today.

    Said she was walking for Dan Wilbrandt.

    I saw his signs, but have to say, I was impressed she would come out on a Sunday to walk for another candidate in a different district.

    He’s got my vote!

  3. As a Wheeler constituent, I am surprised anyone would want Rep. Wheeler’s endorsement.

    Lower Taxes?

    Less Government?



    Really Rep. Wheeler?

    To paraphrase Will Rogers, Barb Wheeler has never met a tax hike she didn’t like.

    Rep. Wheeler is the antithesis of reform, transparency and common sense.

    She makes Ron Sandack look like a Tea Party Republican – and that is a difficult thing to do.

    Rep. Wheeler has stopped listening to conservative Randy Donley and Joe and is now cozying up to Woodstock Ed and RINO Republicans in Springfield.

    At least now we know who the RINOs are in this election.

    Thanks, Barb.

  4. Barb Wheeler is rated one of the most conservative in Springfield just because she is willing to speak out and endorse good candidates does not mean she is a Rhino.

    Let’s look at Rhino’s Tirio aligns himself with Walsh but is endorsed by Bachmann and Walkup.

    Bachmann and Walkup are declared democrats and they are working with Tirio, Walkup and Demitri.

    If you want to talk about Rhinos you should be looking at others in this race not the people on Barbs endorsement.

    Get real

  5. Wheeler has the right to endorse the candidates she supports, despite crossing supposed “factions.”

    Perhaps that makes her endorsements genuine and worthy of contemplation.

    But that’s for each to decide for themselves.

  6. Informed Voter…I am advised to go on the “blog” when a not so flattering pattern begins to appear.

    As of late, it has been “informed voter” with a message of “Barb Wheeler is not a conservative” drum beat.

    I vote my district.

    I represent the people of the 64th district to the best of my ability.

    I feel like I know who I represent, clearly more than you know me.

    Thanks to “ted smith” I was able to look up my voting scorecard.

    There are 7 100% Conservative Ranked Representatives:

    Tryon, Ives, Kaye, Leitch, Morrison, Anthony, and ME (WHEELER) 100%

    To give you a frame of reference:

    Sandack (since you mention him) 90%
    McSweeney 80%
    Franks 40%
    Althoff 80%
    McConnaughay 90%

    I think there is something more important to you that you need to say to me, that has nothing to do with my voting record.

    Here is my cell phone 815-245-4556.

    Don’t hide behind a fake name.

    Call me directly.

    Be prepared to have an unfiltered conversation about what is really bothering you.

  7. Barb – you are a liberal and a hypocrite.

    If it is unfiltered you want then unfiltered is what you will get.

    I will call you later this week to discuss the issues.

    Randy has already told me about your “Traditional Values.”

    I will report back to the blog what I find out.

    Cal, will you post my report?

  8. Please, please, please record this call (with the consent of both parties) and put it on the internet.

    It has all the makings of some first rate entertainment.

  9. Notice how Rep Wheeler won’t run with Nick Provenzano?

    It seems like everyone is staying away from the little weasel.

    Maybe he can get a real job some day.

  10. @informed….it is the voting record that counts.

    McSweeny talks conservative and votes moderately…

    Wheeler talks about various ideas (some of the topics are more liberal) but she VOTES conservative.

    At the end of the day, it is the VOTES that matter.

  11. Geez…talk about sham.

    Look at Franks record. 40%!! and thanks Ted for linking us to their voting records. All the fiscal organizations are listed…manufacturers, chambers, small business; Franks got low scores on almost all of them. These would be great numbers for the Republicans to use in a mailing.

    The facts speak for themselves.

    (hate to beat up on a Republican…But HELL NO McSweeney could improve his fiscal responsible voting record, too!)

  12. Shame reading these posts, really illustrates the pathetic 100% conservative thing.

    It is delusional at best.

    Government is compromise, if you want one party rule, read history, has never worked out and have caused huge wars.

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