Kenneally Outlines Priorities for State’s Attorney’s Office

A statement from State’s Attorney candidate Patrick Kenneally:

Kenneally’s Top Three Initiatives as State’s Attorney

1) Address Heroin and Opioid Addiction

As a result of a nearly 700% increase in production by Mexican drug cartels and the over-prescription of opioid based painkillers, heroin use and distribution in McHenry County has become scourge that is
devastating families in our community.

As your State’s Attorney, I will establish a Countywide Opioid Task Force that will be focused on several initiatives to help combat this growing problem:

  1. Reduce the stigmas that deter victims of opioid and heroin addiction from seeking treatment
  2. Put the heroin overdose drug Narcan is in the hands of every law enforcement officer countywide
  3. Coordinate effective drug prevention and education activities
  4. Improve the availability of treatment and aftercare resources

The Task Force will be composed of leaders in law enforcement, healthcare, education, as well as local churches and elected officials. It is my firm belief that by driving this task force, as a community e can turn the tables on this growing epidemic.

2) Ensure Convictions of Repeat DUI Offenders

We continue to see improvements in the prosecution of drunk drivers. However, repeat offenders have learned how to avoid prosecution by refusing a Breathalyzer test, which decreases the likelihood of a successful DUI prosecution.

As your State’s Attorney, I will launch an initiative in cooperation with local hospitals and law enforcement to streamline the warrant process, thereby enabling investigating officers, with the assistance of medical professionals, to draw the blood of DUI suspects who refuse to submit to a Breathalyzer. This will allow us to increase convictions and reduce the potential for repeat offenders to harm themselves and others on the road.

3) Collaborate with Local Police to Reduce Crime

The State’s Attorney’s Office must work hand-in-hand with law enforcement to take on crime as well as
identify and attack its underlying causes. As your State’s Attorney, I will work collaboratively with our local Police Departments to ensure that our partnership with law enforcement is based on open communication, respect, and trust.

In order to help lower crime and improve our conviction rate, I am committed to working with law enforcement to streamline methods for approving felony charges. I will also work to expand and improve training opportunities available to local law enforcement related to testifying in court, legal reviews and evidence collection techniques.

By fostering a collaborative environment between the State’s Attorney’s Office and local law enforcement, I believe that we can help improve the safety and security of the good people of McHenry County.


Kenneally Outlines Priorities for State’s Attorney’s Office — 7 Comments

  1. The McHenry County SA and all law enforcement has done a great job in this county to help curb this emerging national problem.

    What most people don’t understand is that addicts of this new nature is not a “garbage rummaging” long haired freak who screams DRUG ADDICT.

    It is your neighbor, your friend, your bunco partner.

    It often starts with pain killers for back pain, knee surgery, etc. that often turns into an addiction.

    NWH did a great piece last year.

    “The CDC’s website also said 45 percent of people who use heroin also are addicted to prescription opioid painkillers.”

    Thank you, Pat Kenneally for promoting awareness and being proactive.

  2. Mr. Kenneally has done a good job as a practitioner of the law.

    He understands its intent and application.

    The difficulty in this season is neither candidate has adequate leadership experience to apply for the position of State’s Attourney.

    The sole qualifications of the last person who held this position was he was an “honest and nice man”.

    At the least this candidate shows aptitude for the practice of law.

    Regna’s time has passed.

    The community garbage associated with this office has got to end.

    Mr. Kenneally has the personal and legal foundations to be a lead prosecutor.

    This is the first visionary statement coming from him and, although it is simplistic, is the first step to being the leader this office needs.

    He may have the fortitude to resist the influences who arrogantly thought holding this office meant they could do whatever they pleased and offer the community a balanced, reasonable approach to lead the office toward the proper application of actual law.

    Good luck Mr. Kenneally.

    We’ll be watching your growth as a leader now with great interest.

  3. Where does one find the monthly/yearly Mexican cartel production reports?

    Do these States Atty’s have some special kind of Beige Book, they get their version of facts and figures from?

    Funnier still, plenty of support for idiots who do heroin.

    They didn’t choose to do drugs, right?

    Drug dealers must be going door to door and forcing at gunpoint all these mental defectives doing street drugs.

    Meanwhile just try having a legal drink at some bar or restaurant and in McHenry County this Pol warns you have zero rights.

    Only in Illinois.

  4. D.J. – You would be surprised how many high school kids start their heroin addiction after having their drink spiked at a party.

    This is a SCOURGE that is eating away at our communities.

    It is so potent now that it can be ingested, snorted or smoked.

    And it is cheap.

    It is a new face of users.

  5. This is a problem our community needs to address.

    It’s a start

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