Tom Wilbeck Points to Tax Cuts in County Board Mailing

Here’s District 1 McHenry County Board member candidate Tom Wilbeck’s first mailing.

On the address side he has biographical information, as well as his belief that county government’s taxes can be cut.

Wilbeck points specifically to the surplus in the Valley Hi Nursing Home Fund.

This is the address side of Tom Wilbeck's mailing. Most people will see it first.

This is the address side of Tom Wilbeck’s mailing. Most people will see it first. ¬†He says, “There’s plenty of room to cut taxes at the county level.”

The back of Tom Wilbeck's post card

The back of Tom Wilbeck’s post card echos the lower tax message on the address side.


Tom Wilbeck Points to Tax Cuts in County Board Mailing — 8 Comments

  1. Wish I could vote for Tom.

    He was exemplary on the MCC board and I always thought he was destined for the county board.

  2. Tired of the Valley HI drum being beaten as if each candidate discovered on their own.

    They having been growing this for years and now suddenly everyone acts like the surplus is new.

    Personally, I think The Nursing home is being positioned for sale.

    Just look at their census count, They compete for beds against private industry,.

    Just get out of the businesses and move on.

    Please name a specific wasteful spending example that you, personally, stopped at the college.

    Why do these pols all take credit for things that took a majority board to pass?

  3. Wish I could vote for him too.

    District 1 voters, get this guy in.

    You will be pleased with the result.

  4. When asked on this blog if Tom considers the board position he is running for is a full or part time job, Tom gave me the run around and wouldn’t answer yes or no.
    Tom is not above waltzing for personal political gain.

  5. Am not a politician and do not aspire to be one. Common practical sense representing the every day person is one of my primary goals.

    One person on a board cannot make change unless they form a concensus with other board members. You must clearly illustrate your objective to reach a majority.

    MCC accomplishments:
    Transparency – all meetings are webcast
    No $40 mil expansion
    Outsourced janitorial services saving over $500k while retaining jobs.
    Classroom utilization study that showed no need for expansion/ excess capacity.
    Reviewed fund balances on a regular basis with other trustees. (Valley Hi excess should have been caught earlier. I would have caught it.)

  6. So Tom is the board member job a full or part time JOB?

    Yes or no, then your opinion way.

  7. A day later and no answer from Tom?

    Waltzing for political gain Tom!

  8. Tom is retired.

    I’m sure he will have no trouble dedicating time to the County Board.

    He was stellar on the MCC Board.

    He stopped the $44 million dollar monstrosity of a ‘health club’ that Smith wanted.

    Good God, I’m glad we’re rid of that tax and spend, empire building, purple painting, office decorating waste of time she was!

    Hopefully for the county, he’ll be able to take the seat from Miller.

    Ever notice Smiths and Millers are the kiss of death for whatever office they occupy.

    Their names are as common as corruption in IL politics.

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