Second Anti-Schofield Mailing from Proft’s PAC

As readers know State Rep. candidate has received huge contributions from the teachers’ union called the Illinois Education Association and State Senator Pam Althoff.

She will need it to counter the effort to elect Allen Skillicorn by Dan Proft’s Liberty Principles PAC.

A second hit piece arrived today.

This mailing from Dan Proft focuses on the word "fiasco" in describing Carolyn Schofield's service on the McHenry County Board.

This mailing from Dan Proft focuses on the word “fiasco” in describing Carolyn Schofield’s service on the McHenry County Board.

Negative parts of the Chicago Tribune and Northwest Herald editorials endorsing other candidates for State Rep. are used against Carolyn Schofield's candidacy.

A negative part of the Northwest Herald editorial endorsing Dan Wilbrandt for State Rep. is used against Carolyn Schofield’s candidacy. ┬áNothing negative on the same subject was quoted from the Chicago Tribune editorial, however.


Second Anti-Schofield Mailing from Proft’s PAC — 9 Comments

  1. The poorly presented consolidation effort and the short limited term committee meetings did bring out more questions than answers, that is a fact as some laws need to be changed, tax rates resolved, etc etc etc.

    Skillcorn, is taking big pack money, throwing rocks that are missing the target.

    Schofield is taking pack money also, but not yet throwing dirt like our pal Allen.

    Both seem to want it to bad, to much self serving IMO.

    There are two other candidates running, perhaps a vote for one of them is a better choice.

  2. Allen Skillicorn just can’t seem to stop drinking from the sweet, sweet river of Dan Proft Mega-PAC money.

    And he definitely doesn’t want us to think about what he may “owe” Dan Proft if he wins.

    But then Skillicorn’s in marketing, and in marketing you always give the client what he’s paying for when the deliverables are due, right?


  3. Allen has now officially become a freak show and as scary of a candidate as I have seen.

    If people elect him then all I can say is you deserve what you get with this nut job.

    No class, a puppet to the puppet master in a sleazy campaign.

    He sold his sole to Proft.

    Be careful people.

    He will sell you out too for his own gain.

    Stay a mile away from this jack wagon.

  4. Cal, do you have a typo in your article calling Allen “elected”.

    Or is that your subtle way of siding with this idiot ?

    I’m guessing you meant ELECT?

  5. Thank you Citizen Editor Dan.

    You are correct and the correction has been made.

  6. Finally, someone is blowing the whistle on the one Democrat in this State Rep race.

    Thank you Mr. Skillicorn for standing up for the real Republicans and calling out Carolyn Schofield for what she really is.

    It must be clear by now that Mrs Schofield will do anything, and say anything to win this race.

    She will take money from anyone, even the Unions that are driving our State into disaster.

    The money from Althoff and Tryon is likely coming through from the unions as well.

    The Unions know when there is a candidate worth investing in, a candidate who will vote for their interests, and that person is Carolyn Schofield.

    Ms. Schofield is not qualified for this position, nor will she have the ability or the principles to make the necessary decisions for meaningful reform.

    Carolyn Schofield is an embarrassment to the Republican Party.

    We need Allen’s principled leadership in Springfield.

    Thank you Allen.

  7. It did not come from Allen Skillicorn. It came from Dan Proft’s Liberty Principles Political Action Committee.

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