Sue Draffkorn Mails

District 4 McHenry County Board incumbent Sue Draffkorn has made a mailing in time to catch early voters.

Draffkorn mail address 3--16

The address side of Sue Draffkorn’s mailing says she is honest, a known leader and Pro Life.

Draffkorn mail back 3-2-16

McHenry County Board member Sue Draffkorn features an endorsement from John H. on the back of her post card.


Sue Draffkorn Mails — 7 Comments

  1. My God, can’t these women accept who/what they are?

    First Joni Smith with her picture from 30 yrs ago and now Draftkorns.

    How can you be honest with the voters when you can’t even be honest with yourself!?

  2. Come on, Lanier, nothing deceptive about using your 8th grade school picture!

    And who the heck is Jon H.

    And why should we care about his endorsement if he doesn’t give his name?

  3. LMAO, Gordoh, I didn’t even notice that til you said

    “why should we care…..John H doesn’t even give his full name”

    How weak!

  4. Listen to jake.

    Sue is using her official McHenry County issued email address in a campaign mailing.

    Ethical violation!

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