Barb Wheeler’s Big Contributions Since Jan. 1st

Barb Wheeler

Barb Wheeler

Barb Wheeler has no opposition in the Republican Primary Election (and never has) or in the General Election yet this year (she had an opponent in 2014), but she is still raising money.

That which came in big chunks since the beginning of the year follows:

  • $7,500 from the Chicago Land Operators Joint Labor-Management PAC (Illinois Review: “The Chicagoland Operators Joint Labor-Management PAC is listed with the ISBE as at 6170 Joliet Road in Countryside, Illinois, although the campaigns above listed the address at 6200 Joliet Road, the same location as the IUOE Local 150.┬áISBE records show IUOE Local 150 President James Sweeney as the Chicagoland Operators Join Labor-Management PAC”s chairman.”)
  • $1,500 from Ameren, the Downstate counterpart of Com Ed that gives money to upstate legislators. (I’m convinced that it is an arrangement that the two utilities have made so that constituents don’t realize that it delivers the same message to legislators that a direct donation from Com Ed would give.)
  • $1,000 – Associated Beer Distributors of Illinois

She started the year with $7,532.60.

Wheeler made an endorsement mailer last week.


Barb Wheeler’s Big Contributions Since Jan. 1st — 7 Comments

  1. It’s unfortunate a real Republican didn’t run against the hack.

    Republicans/Conservatives: Just leave her ballot box empty as a protest ‘vote.’

  2. Barb is a tax raising union hack who stabbed Lou Bianchi in the back a few years ago.

    Barb thinks that she’ll be a State Senator in 2018.

    There’s a VERY long line of people who will make sure that doesn’t happen.

    Ed Donahue can’t have a partner in the State Senate.

    Even Barn’s close friend liberal Blake Hobson (Ted Smith and probably Angry Human) will turn on her when he wants to get reappointed to his cushy RTA job.

  3. Chicago Land Operators Joint Labor-Management PAC is one of many IUOE Local 150 affiliated entities.

    IUOE = International Union of Operating Engineers, whose traditional membership is heavy equipment operators.

    Local 150 covers many counties in northern Illinois, northeastern Iowa, and northwestern Indiana.

    Here is how this PAC receives the majority of its revenue.

    IUOE Local 150 convinces employers and regional bargaining associations such as MARBA to add
    another Local 150 entity, the Construction Industry Research and Service Trust Fund, as a line item for hourly wages, say 25 cents per employee per hour.

    That results in millions of dollars to the Construction Industry Research and Service Trust Fund.

    The Construction Industry Research and Service Trust Fund, in turn, shuffles some of that money to Chicago Land Operators Joint Labor-Management PAC.

    Chicago Land Operators Joint Labor-Management PAC contributes to Ms. Wheeler and other politicians.

    IUOE wants road construction projects, prevailing wage, etc.

    IUOE Local 150 and its affiliated entities have offices in three buildings on Joliet Road (old Route 66) in Countryside, just west of LaGrange Road (US Route 45), in western Cook County, near I-294 & I-55:

    – 6150 / 6170 Joliet Road (Midwest Operating Engineers – fringe benefits).

    – And 6200 Joliet Road (IUOE Local 150).

    – And 6240 Joliet Road (credit union).

    IUOE Local 150 has two other PACs:

    – Northern Indiana Operators Joint Labor Management PAC.

    – International Union of Operating Engineers Local 150 State County & Local Area PAC.

  4. Mark.

    You forgot to mention that the three buildings with the black granite exterior is also known as the Hall of Doom and the Death Star.

  5. Barb Wheeler represents the 66th District which covers parts of McHenry County and Kane County.


    IUOE has a Public Sector Division with many locals including:

    – Algonquin Public Works

    – Crystal Lake Public Works

    – East Dundee Public Works

    – Huntley Public Works (Streets, Underground Utilities, & Fleet Service employees)

    – Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT)

    – Lake County Department of Health Maintenance

    – Lake County Department of Transportation

    – Lake County Facility Operations Department (FOD)

    – Lake County Public Works

    – McHenry County Conservation District – Land and Facilities employees

    – McHenry County Department of Transportation

    – McHenry County Facilities Management Department (includes maintenance)

    – McHenry Public Works (City of McHenry)

    – South Elgin Public Works

    – Woodstock Public Works

    – several other locals in Kane and Lake counties.


    Most municipalities in the Chicago suburbs have collective bargaining agreements with:

    – Police

    – Fire (if a fire department is present; rather than a fire department, in some municipalities fire protection is provided by a separate Fire Protection District unit of government, and most of those also have a union present, some exceptions for smaller fire departments or fire protection districts which consist of part-time or volunteer labor).

    – Either IUOE, AFSCME, SEIU, or Teamsters. Sometimes more than one of those.


    One of the glaring problems in Illinois government is the lack of transparency with changes and hikes from the current collective bargaining agreement to the next.

    The same goes for changes to pension funds and retiree healthcare funds.

    Those changes have taken place for decades and now we have a big unsustainable mess.

    There should have been and needs to be more transparency regarding the changes.

    Both proposed changes and the changes that actually occur.

    That can be called a change document.

    The public has been left in the dark on most changes.

    When not left in the dark, the lights were typically dim.

  6. To be more precise, the Public Sector Division mentioned above is in IUOE Local 150.

  7. A year ago commenters were sure I was Gary Sexton of Lakewood because I commented on Lakewood issues.

    Now I’m Blake Hobson because I comment on a Wheeler story.

    I do love the tin foil hat crowd.

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