Woodstock Independent Raises Conscientiousness of Census Boycott

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Scott Gessert

Scott Gessert

Mike Turner

Mike Turner

On February 23rd, the Woodstock Independent ran an article about how city fathers and mothers are aghast at calls by unsuccessful 2015 candidate for City Council Scott Gessert’s call for residents to boycott the special census.

The city council wants to have the powers that Home Rule status provides.

The main power is the ability to raise taxes without a referendum.

That’s not the pitch that is made by those who authorized the $89,362 special census, however.

People like Mike Turner, who many think will run for Mayor, if Brian Sager steps down, point to $300,000 to $400,000 more in state aid that would come from being able to prove the number of additional residents that city staff believe have moved to Woodstock since the 2010 U.S. Census.

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Meanwhile, there seems to be no opposition to Huntley’s becoming a Home Rule unit as a result of its special census.


Woodstock Independent Raises Conscientiousness of Census Boycott — 2 Comments

  1. Huntley Property tax rate is about 10.5% of EAV, so 3.5% of total home value.

    Woodstock tax rate 2014 is 13.6% of EAV, so 4.6% of total home value.

    Comparatively speaking, Woodstock rulers cannot be trusted with access to more money.

  2. Absolutely right, Susan.

    Don’t let them pull this just to raise your taxes.

    They’re only taking a census in new construction areas- THATS NOT A FAIR COUNT.

    They’re not taking in account all the foreclosures, people that have moved out in all of the other areas.

    This shouldn’t even be legal.

    It’s not accurate.

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