Prim Cleans Up Military Surplus Property Mess

Kevin Craver of the Northwest Herald doesn’t use that word in his Saturday article:

Some McHenry County agencies returning military surplus vehicles amid increased scrutiny
Northwest Herald Several local governments that got vehicles under the previous McHenry County Sheriff’s administration through a controversial military surplus …

Bill Prim

Bill Prim

But when local governments like the Algonquin Township Road District, the McHenry County Conservation District, the Huntley Fire Department, etc.

Referring to what former Sheriff Keith Nygren did, current Sheriff Bill Prim told Craver,
“I think it was irresponsible, and it placed the county in a position of unnecessary exposure.”

Read the Northwest Herald article for many more details.


Prim Cleans Up Military Surplus Property Mess — 11 Comments

  1. Bill Prim is the Best……..

    And will continue to clean up McHenry County !

  2. When Bill cleans up the rest of his patronage hires, then he’ll be the man, not till then.

  3. Nob, gotta admit Prim (with his faults) is Waaaay better than the filthy walrus.

    Several of Nygren’s patronage hires are still in the courthouse & courthouse admin building.

    Lets get that cleaned up March 15th.

  4. Someone please explain to me how Algonquin Township Road Commission obtained anything from what was supposed to be for law enforcement?


  5. SEMPER FI, I’ll admit Prim seems to be better, but Keith seemed OK at first also.

    You got to admit starting out with patronage, poor patronage, isn’t so great of a start.

    Also why are y’ll covering/dismissing that when patronage has become such a big issue lately?

    Observer, Alg Twh works closely with the Sheriffs dept, there still is a sheriff substation there in fact.

  6. Just a thought, and only a thought…

    How much of this equipment ended up in Mexico as part of the Nygren connection ?

  7. Remember who was the Sheriff ‘s department legal counsel back then, and who still is today.

    I don’t remember Nygren being told that obtaining that equipment was an illegal or a bad idea at the time.


  8. “Remember who was the Sheriff ‘s department legal counsel back then, and who still is today.”

    You mean, Don Leist, right?

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