Township Highway Commissioners Recommend County Board, Countywide Candidates

The McHenry County Township Highway Commissioners Association (17 members) placed a quarter page ad in the tabloid Northwest Herald on Friday listing County Board candidates and countywide candidates in the Republican Primary Election.

Here they are:

For the McHenry County Board:

  • District 1 – Anna May Miller
  • District 2 – John Reinert
  • District 3 – Nancy Gonsiorek and Cherie Rickert
  • District 4 – Sue Draffkorn
  • District 5 – Michael Skala
  • District 6 – Preston Rea and James Kearns

For County Board Chairman: Joe Gottemoller

For Recorder of Deeds:  Joni Smith

For State’s Attorney:  Dan Regna

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Chick on the article that contains the Township Highway Commissioners’ questionnaire:

Pledging Allegiance to Township Government & Using Public Office for Political Purposes


Township Highway Commissioners Recommend County Board, Countywide Candidates — 12 Comments

  1. Of course they have endorsed these folks..

    they are all part of the gravy train.

    This is the McHenry County all on board gravy train on the back of the taxpayer.

  2. And thus, these candidates, if elected, give up their right to represent the constituents who vote for them.

    Can you sell your soul for a $20,000 county board job?


    There’s no question about Miller, Draffkorn, Rea, Kearns, etc but you would have thought Gonsiorek and Rickert would have wanted to a least start out with a shred of integrity.

    No need to say anything about the rest of the names…they’ve already been bought and paid for.

    Makes you want to take a shower.

    One bright note, if these pitiful, few names are the only ones who pledged allegiance to the township officials, there are a lot of other great people running who deserve to be elected.

    Get out and vote for them and bring a friend.

  3. Oh the Township people forgot thier little buddy jimmy.

    Jimmy Cowlin must be mad!

  4. When a horse race track was installed next to the property of the Alden Twp. Supervisor he had no desire to enforce County zoning ordinances or to stop the decimation of the Nippersink water shed.

    Fortunately other land owners and the county stepped in.

    When the current Grafton Township Supervisor had his ‘hand slapped’ for violations of County zoning laws, I am told he swore he would run for the County Board to get rid of the #$%&* (an incumbent he is running against).

    You want either one of these candidates on the County Board?

    And the Road Commissioners endorses both of them?

    It will be interesting to observe the impact on the vote results next week!

  5. Questioning thank you…

    Its really nuts isn’t it?


  6. Kearns wont be able to continue as grafton supervisor come this May he will be a Coral twp resident.

  7. Thanks tax-whores for providing a comprehensive list of rats I’ll never vote for, E V E R !!!!

  8. Of course the Township Highway Commissioners Association would support Dan Regna for State’s Attorney.

    He’d be sympathetic to “emergency” Saturday afternoon bond hearings if one of them winds up in jail on Father’s Day weekend.

  9. The same 17 Highway Commissioners that had a special secret meeting to promote there favorites.

    If you don’t want your County Board tied to them don’t vote for any of them.

    Can this be anything more than a joke!

    When have Townships Lobbied for candidates?

    Oh thats right when they might have to run an election against each other!

  10. Is this organization the same one that has an appointment to the County Senior Services Grant Committee…

    That would make them a government organization, correct?

    Sounds like Bob Anderson might have something legitimate he can complain about…

  11. Monday morning quarterback:

    So much for Highway Commissioner endorsements!!

    Two successes out of eleven!

    Can’t figure out why Kearns won though.

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