Paul Serwatka Withdraws from State Rep. Race in Support of Allen Skillicorn

As the ice was leaving Crystal Lake, Lakewood Village Trustee Paul Serwatka was leaving the four-way race to replace State Rep. Mike Tryon.

He withdrew in favor of East Dundee Village Trustee Allen Skillicorn.

The ice was retreating across Crystal Lake on March

The ice was retreating across Crystal Lake on March

The news was announced in a press release from the opponent he is endorsing:

Serwatka Withdraws and Endorses Skillicorn

Team Comes Together for Conservative Reform in House District 66

March 7, 2016 – “I have decided to withdraw as a candidate for State House in the 66th District effective immediately and to endorse Allen Skillicorn for State Representative.

Paul Serwatka

Paul Serwatka

“I have notified the Illinois State Board of Elections of my intent,” said Paul Serwatka.

Serwatka continued,

“This was a difficult decision but I did not want to split the conservative reform vote with Skillicorn and throw the race to Carolyn Schofield who opposes important portions of Governor Rauner’s Turnaround Agenda, including Prevailing Wage reform.

“Nor do I want to see Dan Wilbrandt, who has voted to increase taxes five times, including property taxes, in just three years on his local village board win a divided primary fight.

“Skillicorn is better positioned to win this race and my hope is to bring the conservative reform voters who are backing me to consolidate with Allen’s supporters and ensure a victory for the conservative reform movement in Illinois in the form of Allen Skillicorn on March 15th.”

Allen Skillicorn

Allen Skillicorn

Of the endorsement, Skillicorn said,

“I am honored to have Paul’s confidence and support. I look forward to continuing our efforts together in the fight for liberty and conservative principles.”

= = = = =
Serwatka’s name has not yet been removed from the list of active candidates on the State Board of Elections web site.

The race has at least $600,000 in play with the biggest teacher union in Illinois, the Illinois Education Association having donated $53,900 to Schofield.  State Senator Pam Althoff contributed another $40,000.

Skillicorn has received independent expenditure support from Dan Proft’s Liberty Principles Political Action Committee, including $50,000 TV buys from Channel 7 and Channel 9.


Paul Serwatka Withdraws from State Rep. Race in Support of Allen Skillicorn — 18 Comments

  1. Are you paying attention Lakewood?

    The first sign of true wisdom is sacrifice.

    Paul has sacrificed for the greater good of our area and State today.

    I honor your humility sir and only hope it achieves the goal of reforming our state.

    Just an unprecedented move in modern politics….

    First, winning a write in campaign and now this.

    Paul, you will go wherever you wish to go in politics.

    I am impressed and I hope others are as well.

    You have a fan in me.

  2. So Serwatka sends a mailer attacking “Chicago dark money” contributions to Skillikorn’s campaign THE SAME DAY he drops out of the race?!?!

    Hey Paul, how much did it cost Allen’s questionably funded campaign to buy your endorsement?

  3. Paul, best of luck in all you do.

    Thank you for the work you’ve done on the Lakewood board and for trying to go to state.

    All our best to you and your family!

  4. You wait until a week before the election to withdraw from the race? Some Precinct Committeemen have already sent out endorsement letters and have donated time and energy on your behalf. Some of them had their arms twisted by one party leader in McHenry to support you. It is too late now. You split the party and did so happily when you thought you could win. Pathetic.

  5. Looks like someone got BOUGHT, BOSSED AND BULLIED!!!

    You’re still going to be on the ballot, IDIOT!!!

    You didn’t show up to the debates!

    You didn’t show up to the editorial board interviews.

    And now you’re not showing up to the election!

  6. Tom/Christina Myers?

    Did he interfere with your facebooking?

  7. Paul split the party? Are you joking??

    Paul has demonstrated so many wonderful qualities throughout this campaign, yet there have always been those such as “Tom” who look to twist and attack rather than jump in and help out.

    Have you not seen the obscene money that has poured into this race in the last week? On top of that which poured in in the last month?? It’s now at a HALF MILLION DOLLARS working against Paul’s efforts!

    You’d rather he stayed in, divided the vote and gave this seat to the teacher’s union and the likes of the liberal faction of this party?

    Dear, Tom/Christina/whoever… it is YOU who are the problem in this party…

  8. Thank you Paul for being willing to pave the path to the real goal of getting a fighting conservative downstate no matter what. Thank you for your hard work and keep up the fight.

  9. This is not noble he got out spent and got a lot of people to waste their vote.

    Skillicorn is no better choice and now he thinks by handing this over to a Barrington Brat we in McHenry County are not better served.

    We Loose if Skillicorn gets it.

  10. Martin McLaughlin is running against the Proft and Walsh money machine as well, but unlike Paul, Marty is going nowhere and will upset Proft’s coronation of “fundraiser” and “political lobbyist” Dan McChonchie.

    Follow the money!

  11. Class act Paul! The second best act of your life!

    Do not pay attention to the trolls.

  12. Way to support the career politician on your way out, Paul.

    Great job.

    As a side note, something fishy must have happened here since you refused to sign Allen’s petition to just get on the ballot.

    I don’t care what anyone says, but this is not a noble move….this just another move in the chess game of politics.

    Everyone has to pay attention to this.

    Vote for Allen and Illinois stays in the same rut.

  13. Paul saw the writing on the wall that he was going to finish 3rd or 4th, and pulled the plug to give his poor showing the cover of

    “That embarrassing loss doesn’t count. I quit for the greater good, remember?”

    Prediction: After seeing that he doesn’t quite have what it takes to win a state-level election, he’ll dump a stupid amount of personal money into the 2018 county board race and buy himself a seat there.

  14. Never had a chance.

    Supporters are blind to what really is happening.

    He is an obstructionist at the Lakewood board and takes personal credit for work done by others.

    You can not say you personally were responsible for something that was a 6-0 vote for goodness sake.

    You all criticize Schofield for taking money from the Teachers union but have no concerns about the Massive amount from a single pac by Skillicorn?


  15. Inish, you are but another with your own personal agenda.

    I am a Lakewood resident.

    I attend many village meetings and those who do will verify that Paul is the ONLY member of that board that has our backs.

    The only one looking out for residents and certainly the only one with a spine.

    Paul is an “obstructionist” just as our Governor is an “obstructionist”.

    He is there saying ” NO MORE”!

    He is speaking on behalf of the residents, providing the voice that’s gone unheard for many years.

    You make statements that Paul claims he “was personally responsible”..

    I challenge you to show me a single instance of this.

    I have gone through all his literature, and promotional material and every reference he makes is “after more than a decade of tax hikes WE were finally able to freeze taxes’ or stating that he “lead the fight” to do so, which is absolutely true!

    Is it coincidence that more than a decade of bad policy is only now coming to light after Paul’s arrival to the board?

    He is doing exactly what he promised us he would do!

    Imagine that!!

    We could use a few more “obstructionists” on the Lakewood Village Board.

  16. Surprise, surprise.

    Does all that Dan Proft Super-PAC money backing Allen Skillicorn somehow buy more than just endless ads. promos, and mailings?


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