Regna Accepts Too Much from Individual

This arrive in a plain envelop today.

This arrive in a plain envelop today.

McHenry County State’s Attorney candidate Dan Regna apparently accepted too much money from Scott Breeden.

I received an anonymous letter today with that information.

It was typed in really big letters.

“Regna has no idea of what it means to be lawful,” the unsigned letter said.

“He has accepted contributions from an individual in excess of what is legally the maximum of $5,400 from a single individual.”

Enclosed what a copy of what is on the Illinois State Board of Elections web page.

Regna Breeden Contribution mail
When I asked a State Board of Elections disclosure expert I was told that the maximum an individual can contribute or loan a candidate is $5,400.

The money above the $5,400 limit must be either

  • returned to the contributor or
  • contributed to a charity

The contribution and loan in question were the only ones that were $1,000 or more since January 1st.


Regna Accepts Too Much from Individual — 8 Comments

  1. He’s a buffoon.

    We can’t have someone in THAT position who doesn’t know or chooses to ignore the law!

    Plus all his bad baggage.


  2. Pay close attention to those who support Regna.

    Ask yourself:

    Can I trust them?

  3. My son was on Dan Regna’s Little Leauge baseball team and he was a complete idiot.

    He was constantly late for practices and even games with never a good excuse.

    He showed no leadership skills whatsoever and constantly seemed very much overwhelmed with the responsibilities of being a Little League manager.

    Trust me Dan Regna is not someone you want running the McHenry County States Attorney Office!!

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