Walkup Claims Gottemoller Township Conflict

A press release from McHenry County Board Chairman candidate Mike Walkup:


Joe Gottemoller

Joe Gottemoller

Michael Walkup

Michael Walkup

We already know that McHenry County Board Chairman JOE GOTTEMOLLER had conflicts of interest in voting against the Township Consolidation Referendum due to his representation of Grafton Township as an attorney.

Had consolidation passed, Grafton Township would have been eliminated as a separate township.

An ethics complaint was filed with the County Ethics Commission but dismissed for lack of jurisdiction over voting by Board Members.

HOWEVER, in looking back on CHAIRMAN GOTTEMOLLER’S Statement of Economic Interests, filed March of 2015, we see that he also represented CORAL TOWNSHIP as attorney for “various legal projects”.

The pertinent part of Joe Gottemoller's Statement of Economic Interest.

The pertinent part of Joe Gottemoller’s Statement of Economic Interest.

This is significant because the Supervisor of Coral Township was one ROGER NAYLOR.

If that name sounds familiar, it is because the self same ROGER NAYLOR was named by CHAIRMAN GOTTEMOLLER as a member of the Township Consolidation Task Force, which came up with what was essentially “No Recommendation” for consolidation of any townships other than Richmond and Burton and two others in the Harvard area.

Coral Township lies in the Southern area of the county, between Union and Marengo.

Roger Naylor

Roger Naylor

In practice, attorneys are hired by Township Supervisors to do legal work for the townships (60 ILCS 1/70-37).

CHAIRMAN GOTTEMOLLER was therefore appointing his OWN CLIENT to sit on the Township Consolidation Task Force, without disclosing any conflict of interest to the County Board or the public.

In a separate matter, CHAIRMAN GOTTEMOLLER admitted in a recent interview with the DAILY HERALD that his involvement in the PEAKER POWER PLANT in OAKWOOD HILLS while he was a County Board Member representing that same district, came about as a result of his having been REQUESTED BY THE VILLAGE PRESIDENT and VILLAGE ATTORNEY to represent the developer.

This is a CLEAR CONFLICT OF INTEREST as the Village President would be one of those voting on whether or not to approve the petition on behalf of the power plant developer.




Walkup Claims Gottemoller Township Conflict — 9 Comments

  1. Naylor was chosen by the Supervisors to represent the Supervisors.

    It is legal to lie during a campaign, but please at least try to present something close to the truth.

    I do not support either lawyer running for Chair.

    They both distort the truth (lie).

  2. Private business chose to hire a local attorney.

    Recommended by the Village or not- it was a private investment group that hired the lawyer.

    If you want to use that logic- you will be here a LONG TIME with deals that happened between the politically connected and lucrative business.

    You might want to be very careful lobbing that rock…..

  3. In practice TWh boards have over site on who is paid with TWH funds.

    Bidding on cost per hour is often part of the game.

  4. “This is a CLEAR CONFLICT OF INTEREST as the Village President”

    For Joe, or the Village President?

    Roger made the pro consolidation side look foolish, just saying.

  5. Better headline: “Desperate candidate tries something desperate.”

  6. Village President would be the tie breaking vote on the issue in Oakwood Hills, not Joe.

    Conflict there, ya maybe

  7. Walkup is a walking conflict of interest.

    Goettemoeller is a walking conflict of interest.

    The main difference is deciding which of the two candidates will NOT steer McHenry County straight into the ground and leave a smoking ruin behind, which is why I’m voting for Goettemoeller…

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