Demetri Makes Fourth Mailing

In the fourth mailing on behalf of his candidacy for Circuit Court Judge, Demetri Tsilimigras unrolls a list of endorsements.

On the address side, he promises to “adhere to the highest ethical standards and enforce the law equally–without prejudice, bias or partiality.”

Demetri Tsilimigras is seen in a pleasant pose, plus talking to seniors. As a symbol of authority, he displays a gavel.

Demetri Tsilimigras is seen in a pleasant pose, plus talking to seniors. As a symbol of authority, he displays a gavel.

On the back are five photos of supporters:

  • State Rep. David McSweeney
  • McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi
  • Former State Rep. Rosemary Kurtz
  • Retired FBI Agent Robert Borchert
  • Retired Judge James Geocaris

On the right is a list of supporters, not in alphabetical order.

The back of the mailing shows endorsements. At the top of the list on the right is the Pro-Life Victory PAC of McHenry County.

The back of the mailing shows endorsements. At the top of the list on the right is the Pro-Life Victory PAC of McHenry County.


Demetri Makes Fourth Mailing — 19 Comments

  1. I agree with Judge Cowlin: “Experience Counts”.

    And Demetri has more experience at criminal law than Cowlin does.

  2. What a great response from voters while I walked for Demetri in LITH today.

    Demetri will be a great Judge!

  3. People should realize that should Demetri win, he will NOT be in any criminal courtroom. It’s called a conflict of interest. He’ll most likely be assigned to a civil courtroom.

  4. i heard a Demetri radio commercial today…it was a good, effective commercial.

    I’ve never met Demetri, but he seems like a good solid man

  5. He Is a good man-not the point.

    There’s no good reason to replace a sitting judge unless you listen to un-informed people.

    If you want to know what kind of a judge Cowlin is, get off your butts and go listen to his courtroom.

    I believe it’s #301.

  6. One reason to replace a sitting judge is to break the system.

    Right now we do not have a true elective system for judges.

    It is an appointive system masquerading as an elective system.

    All of the judges in the building were, in effect, appointed by the other judges in the building.

    It is a closed country club.

    There is an argument for having an appointive system for judges. Most voters have no way of knowing who the judges are and what their records are on the bench, so why not have those decisions be made by those who are better informed?

    However, for that type of system, which is called “merit selection”, you have generally a separate committee made up of local lawyers and citizens who evaluate the judges and make appointments without being themselves part of the local bench.

    This is not to say that we don’t have a good group of judges here general, but there is a problem with having the judges always picking the judges irrespective of the results.

    You can see from the deceptive “bar association evaluation” and the list of lawyers who “support” Judge Cowlin, how the system coerces those lawyers who practice before it and cowes them into obedience.

    What happens to you if you practice in that building and refuse to sign up?

    Maybe nothing but why take the chance?

    You can see from that why no local practicing lawyers ever try to run for judge themselves.

    If Judge Cowlin is defeated, he will just be appointed to the next vacancy after a short vacation.

    However, the message will have been sent.


  7. AZsupporter, I have already observed Cowlins courtroom.

    Cowlin needs to be replaced by better more capable people like Demetri that will follow the laws and rules of Judicial conduct.

  8. Still have not been presented with the Case # and name of ONE case Demetri has prosecuted in the past 8 years.

    Not one criminal case, not one civil case.

    That is because he has not argued or tried any cases while being employed by Mr. Bianchi.

    Get your heads out of the sand.

  9. Circuits are “retained ” by the voters.

    The only reason Demetri is running is because he can’t beat other qualified lawyers who also run when a position opens.

    People are basically saying replace the old ” good old boys” with a new set of “good old boys”.

    Dig deeper Cal, and follow the obvious connections growing in the county.

    If you think the current good old boys are bad, wait until the new boys take hold.

    Who is setting himself up to be the new Republican power broker, following Al Jourdan?

  10. Whether you support Mr Regna or Mr Kenneally for states attorney, both have tried significant jury trials. Mr Kenneally listed specifics in a recent mailer, and Mr Regna could also produce an impressive list.

    Mr Tsilimigras cannot produce a list of significant jury cases to back up his claims of having tried hundreds.

    He has been called out on it by a retired judge and by his colleagues, who rated him “not qualified.”

    Mr Walkup has no idea what he is talking about and rarely, if ever, appears in courtrooms.

    Lawyers have never been shy about blasting judges in bar polls.

    You can check the published results in the NE Herald’s archives, or bar association records.

    I know the cheerleaders who end every post with capitalized demands to “VOTE DENNY CRAIN!” are not going to change their minds.

    I hope that any undecided voters reading this blog and comments will make an informed and researched decision to place the most qualified judge in the bench.

  11. To AZ and Martin:

    There was a recent quote

    “the courthouse is a small place.”

    You can take that literally or figuratively.

  12. Before Cowlin was a judge he was a divorce and real estate lawyer.

    That is fact!

    He got in by his name that is a fact!

    Where was judge Cowlins massive jury trial experience?

    He had none!


  13. Well said Live on. Marin instead of talking about Demetri answer our burning question.

    How many jury trials criminal or civil did Cowlin do practicing law.

    Your silence is our answer. “Experience Counts” is a joke as to Cowlin.

    He needs to go

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